A Dupe for This Jennifer Aniston-Loved Face Massager Is on Sale

There’s something so satisfying about being your own esthetician and reaping all the benefits of a facial at home. Between microcurrent devices and jade rollers, there are complexion-friendly vibrating face massagers like Jennifer Aniston’s 24-karat-gold sculpting bar from her friend, makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. But you don’t have to shell out $195 for the facial tool, because we found a $17 dupe on Amazon.

The Yeamon Massage Roller Set includes a gold 3D roller massager and a T-shape electric energy massage device, which is currently on sale for $17 when you apply Amazon’s 10% coupon. Despite not using LED light therapy or electrical currents, face massagers are becoming increasingly popular in celebrity skincare routines. 

The T-shape face roller is a great dupe for the $195 Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar that Aniston told InStyle she uses for her complexion. 

“It feels so damn good to put oil on your face and just roll,” she told the mag. 

The Amazon dupe not only comes with a similar T-shape vibrating facial device, it also includes a second face massager. The waterproof tools are designed to help improve the look of wrinkles and firmness, according to Amazon. 

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