Bloke gets his filthy, brown, loo spotless using just one product and people reckon he deserves a medal

A BLOKE has revealed how he got his grotty loo sparkling clean using 79p soda crystals.

Taking to the Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks he shared the amazing before and after results.

Before cleaning it, the man’s toilet was seriously grotty, caked in hard-to-shift limescale.

But after soaking the bowl in soda crystals for an hour and “scrubbing like mad” the toilet looks as good as new.

Best of all you can pick up soda crystals for just 79p from Tesco.

Captioning his post he wrote: “Hated this toilet today. But after many many attempts finally got it clean… I wasn't been beaten. 🚽

“I used soda crystals in the end soaked for an hour and scrubbed like crazy. (sic)”

Fellow group members were seriously impressed with his efforts, praising his handiwork in the comments.

One wrote: “Goodness you have worked hard. Well done.”

“You deserve a medal” added another, while a third wrote, “Result well done 👍”

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