Bloke shows easy way to peel an onion in seconds – and you’ve definitely been doing it wrong

A BLOKE has revealed her incredibly simple hack for peeling an onion – and there won’t be a tear in sight.

Instagram user James Rembo shared his easy tip on his account claiming it was the “best way to peel an onion.”

Rather than fiddling with the skins with your fingers, and welling up james says you simply need to give the vegetable a good hard whack.

Begin by slicing your onion in half and removing the stalk, and then simply hit it with your fist.

The force will make the onion bend in shape, meaning that the skin will simply fall away.

You can then simply lift the loose skin off the onion without getting your fingers dirty.

The hack has since gone viral, receiving almost 3,000 likes since it was shared.

Fellow users were amazed by the hack, with one woman claiming that it “changed her life.”

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