Can you spot the sneaky snake hidden in this woodland? Tricky test could prove how intelligent you are | The Sun

HOW fast you can spot the sneaky snake in this woodland scene could prove how intelligent you are.

The mind-bending optical illusion has left puzzlers scratching their heads – with the artist claiming just one per cent of people can figure it out in under seven seconds.

The riddle was shared by Bright Side on YouTube – an account which posts puzzles and optical illusions.

The image shows a bright woodland scene hiding a sneaky snake.

But it's not easy to find, so it might take you a while to spot the slithery creature.

At first glance, the picture appears to simply show a large tree with its huge roots sticking out of the ground.

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There doesn't appear to be a snake in sight… unless you look a little closer.

Bright Side describes the puzzle as the "Hardest Eye Test"

They said: "Only 1 per cent of the most attentive will pass."

If you're struggling to spot the snake, here's a clue.

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Take a look at the right-hand side of the image and see if there is anything unusual.

Scroll to the bottom for the answer if you're still stumped.

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