Cheeky husband whose wife won’t talk to him takes drastic action to make her chat – but some say he’s gone too far

A CHEEKY husband whose furious wife was refusing to talk to him has taken drastic action to force her into contact.

TikTok user trip_uhl_d shared a video of him tampering with the appliances around the home so that his mrs would have to ask him for help to fix them.

Captioning the clip, he wrote: “My wife currently isn’t speaking to me. But I have a plan, she will very soon.”

He begins the video by turning the water off in the toilet followed by meddling with the batteries in the remote control.

He then unscrews the lightbulbs in the bathroom before putting the pans on the top shelf, out of his 5’2” wife’s reach.

Finally, he resets the language on the TV to Spanish, and waits for his plan to fall into place.

The video has since gone viral amassing more than 340,000 likes, and thousands of comments from people warning him he’s gone too far.

Commenting one wrote: “That’s not a plan, it’s a deathwish.”

“There’s no way this is going to end well for him” wrote another, while a third joked, “On next week’s TikTok ‘Why I’m divorced.’”

A fourth commented: "I WONDER WHY SHE'S NOT TALKING TO YOU."

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