Curious About Rare Beauty? Here's a Convenient Tutorial From Selena Gomez's Makeup Artist

The way fans are anticipating Selena Gomez’s beauty line, you’d think it was a new album. (Although she also released that earlier this year.) The singer was pretty mum about Rare Beauty, her first foray into the industry, until a few days before its launch on Sept. 3, when she finally shared photos of the complete collection. The debut has thus far exceeded expectations with its accessible products, buildable pigments, flattering shades, and expensive-looking packaging.

Unfortunately, shoppers won’t be able to test out the products, which will be exclusively available at Sephora, before purchasing due to current health and safety regulations — making tutorials and reviews invaluable. As a result, Gomez enlisted her go-to makeup artist Hung Vanngo to demonstrate the range in a new tutorial. “I know that you’re gonna have fun, and one day you’ll do it to me,” Gomez said while introducing the tutorial.

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