Extreme Cheapskate reveals how she cuts the cost of her holiday in half – including wearing ALL her clothes on the plane

A SINGLE mum has revealed how she cuts the cost of her holiday in half with her extreme money-saving methods.

Angela Leibee, from Denver, Colorado, saves every penny she can to provide for her two daughters Katrina and Sarah.

The mum finds ways to get the most out of everything she buys, saving $300 a year simply by being efficient.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, she says: “I drink tea every morning, I can reuse that tea bag a couple of times and when I’m done with that I can use it to scrub dishes.

“When it gets to the point that it’s falling apart I boil the leaves and then I use that to clean my floors.

“The tannins in the tea are actually really good at bringing the shine out in your wood floors.”

But while Angela’s money-saving methods are effective, Katrina admits that she can go “a bit overboard.”

The Leibee family abide by a strict shower schedule with each person permitted to take a ten minute shower twice a week, saving them $345 a year.

“Our shower schedule may seem strange but an average ten minute shower in Colorado costs 45c on my water bill,” Angela says.

And Angela is in no way prepared to let her frugal ways slip when it comes to family holidays.

“I love to travel, I love to explore and I love to share that with the kids,” says Angela.

“One thing I’m really proud of is that I’ve been able to take my kids on a lot of great vacations very cheaply.”

The mum is planning a trip to Las Vegas with daughter Katrina and her school friend Megan Koch.

In order to keep costs down, the Leibees avoid flying and they bring their own food on their trips.

Angela says: “We need to pack as much food as possible in our carry-ons so the only real way to get our clothes to Las Vegas is to wear them all.

“Checking bags is $25 per bag, which means $75 for the three of us and that’s money I do not want to spend.”

After a hot and stuffy flight, the three of them head to a local fair ground where Angela is quick to haggle for a better price.

With a wristband costing $21.50 or $7.50 for a single ride, Angela pays for one go-cart ticket between the three of them.

“We could each get a couple of laps out of it if we just jump in and jump out real quick,” she says.

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With each of them only having three laps each, Megan adds: “The go-cart riding was fun, it would have been more fun if we all got to do it together and race.”

However, it seems that the being on a budget has not impacted Angela’s holiday.

She says: “This vacation was great, the girls and I had an awesome time. 

“I was really nervous but I found a way to have a lot of fun and not spend a lot of money.”

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