Fake tan fans share photos of their at-home fails as they get orange hands and muddy faces during lockdown

WITH little else to do in the lockdown, beauty fans are getting experimental when it comes to their looks – and it’s not always a good idea as these people prove.

Taking to TikTok people have been sharing their worst fake tan fails whether that’s patchy finishes or going a shade – or three – too dark.

In one case a teen was left in hysterics over her mum’s attempt at spray tan left her looking like she’d been dipped in chocolate.

And elsewhere one girl was left thankful for having to wear gloves to the supermarket after her hands stained orange.

Here we reveal the very worst TikTok tan fails…

Parental guidance

Dark mark

Not so handy


Mitts you

Orange you glad it washes off?


No tan-k you

Boy oh boy

In more beauty fails, this mum was left horrified when her daughter took a huge chunk out of her hair when she was trimming her fringe.

And this mum went bright green after using fake tan, joking that she looked like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Plus, women desperate for a manicure share their hilarious quarantine nail fails.

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