How 'raw attraction' helped Nicole Scherzinger find love with Thom Evans, who’s ‘encouraged her to embrace sex appeal’

LAUGHING in blissful happiness with her legs wrapped round his waist, there is no doubting the chemistry between Nicole Scherzinger and her partner Thom Evans.

The pop icon turned X Factor judge and her former rugby star beau have been inseparable over the last few months – but just what is it that makes their passionate relationship tick? 

Despite coming from very different worlds, Nicole, 42, and Thom, 35, have fallen head over heels – and are happier than ever as they count down to their one-year anniversary.

In the last week alone the couple, who met on The X Factor: Celebrity last autumn, have been pictured in matching outfits and sharing fun workout routines together.

Now a source close to the couple tells Sun Online they’re still very much in the hedonistic honeymoon stage and falling more in love as time goes on.

“It’s intense with them, they’re besotted with each other,” our source says.

It’s raw, authentic attraction you can’t put on.

“It goes way beyond just the physical… they connect on a way most people dream of."

‘He’s the first man to be totally available to her’

Ever since rumours of their romance first surfaced last year they’ve been virtually inseparable, bouncing around the world together since lockdown from London to LA via St Lucia, Portugal and Tennessee.

It's in stark contrast to Nicole’s former relationship with F1 star Lewis Hamilton, which ended in 2015 after seven years during which they both had conflicting work schedules.

“A lot of men are intimidated by Nicole – she jokes that she probably scares them,” our source says.

“She’s gone through the heartache of work schedules forcing her into long distance relationships. So it’s been something entirely new and different with Thom – he’s the first man to be totally available for her."

Nicole and Lewis dated on and off, but he has also since moved on too and was pictured enjoying a yacht trip with stunning model Florence Mueller — a dead ringer for Nicole.

But while much of their relationship was long distance, Nicole and Thom have spent almost every moment since lockdown together.

“They’ve spent all of their time having adventures and solidifying a friendship and deep emotional connection neither of them has really had before. Most of the time they’re just laughing around," our source says.

Thom is no stranger to a relationship in the spotlight, having dated Kelly Brook for two years from 2011-2013 and Beverly Hills 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes, for several months, in 2013.

And while he and Nicole regularly share photos together on social media at home, Thom is equally at ease on the red carpet.

Their relationship went from 'fling to the real thing' in January, with Thom posing next to Nicole at the Golden Globes cementing his place amongst the A-list.

‘He’s given her the confidence to be more out there with her sex appeal’

Ahead of his romance with Nicole last year, Thom took a vow of celibacy during The X Factor so he could focus on the competition and his dream of winning.

“Thom may have all the makings of a red-blooded male – and he is that – but he’s also sensual and sensitive, he can be quite deep in his thinking, which Nicole finds very attractive," our source claims.

And as the granddaughter of a Catholic priest, it’s of no surprise that Nicole is highly spiritual.

Speaking about her take on sex in 2009 to The Mirror, she said: “Sex isn’t important to me, but making love is." She then added four years later to The Independent: “I sometimes wish I were more slutty…I'd probably be a lot more successful if I were."

But since meeting Thom there’s been a marked change in Nicole, who appears more confident online and often shares more risque content.

At the start of the month she captioned a bikini picture with: “#WAP: Wet A** PussyCAT DOLL” And credited Thom for taking the picture.

“With her religious upbringing and her faith she has a bit of a wrestle sometimes as to how to express that in the right way on social media but Thom has given her this confidence to do what she wants and feels is right," our source says.

"He’s told her if she wants to be more out there with her sex appeal then to go for it and he’ll support her."

‘Thom has given her the confidence to show off the real her’

A self-confessed “goofball”, the Pussycat Dolls star previously revealed: “I think having a sense of humour is the hottest thing.”

And she’s found exactly that in Thom.

“He can’t be serious for too long and neither can she. It was a meeting of minds with these two, Nicole met her match with the silliness factor – Thom is hilarious," our source adds.

The couple have developed a cult following on social media with fans applauding their comical videos of synchronised dances and romantic serenading.

“It’s the real deal, they don’t play up to the camera, it’s just the way they are," the source adds.

"A few years ago she didn’t like to post pictures on social media because she is such a perfectionist…

"But Thom has unleashed this new side to her, giving her the confidence to show off the real her, this amazingly fun person he’s fallen for."

Nicole admitted to The Daily Record in 2016 that she was a "perfectionist" when it came to doing her hair and make-up, and added that social media used to scare her.

“Social media gives me the heebie-frickin’-jeebies. It gives me so much anxiety. It’s unnatural for me," she told the news outlet.

“I’m protective of what I want to share, I’ll take a million pictures and stare at them and figure out a filter – then I think, ‘Do I even want to share this?’

“Because I know if my big toe is in the wrong place, it’s gonna be on the cover of the papers. It takes up too much of my frickin’ time and then I don’t end up posting anything and it sucks."

‘Family is everything to them’

After meeting Thom’s parents in Portugal at the start off the summer, he then jetted to Tennessee with Nicole to celebrate her half-sister Keala’s birthday.

The lovebirds shared snaps of the family on a boat trip alongside her three nieces.

So grateful I could be in Tennessee to spend time with my beautiful sis for her birthday. Love you so much sissy, the yin to my yang! #Familytime is my absolute favorite and there’s nothing like stunning #sunsets and #lakelife 💙💕💛

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“Family is everything to these two," our source says.

Thom is also very close to his brother, fellow rugby star Max, 37, and on his birthday over the weekend Nicole shared her best wishes commenting on her boyfriend’s picture of the three of them: “We love you Maxy.”

Overcoming pain of their past

While Nicole shot to global fame with the Pussycat Dolls she failed to replicate the same level of success in her subsequent solo career and is no stranger to knocks.

Her first stab at stardom was in 2000 as part of girl group, Eden’s Crush, a manufactured band formed on the US version of reality show Popstars, although the group later parted ways.

Meanwhile, in 2004, a then 19-year-old Thom Evans also had dreams of pop domination as part of now defunct boyband Twen2y 4 Se7en who supported Peter Andre, Westlife and McFly. But they failed to set the charts alight.

Thom later damaged a vertebrae in his neck during the Six Nations in 2010 and underwent two operations.

Speaking about the ordeal that same year, he said: “I thought I would die there on the grass wearing my Scotland shirt, or at least be spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair.”

Meanwhile Nicole has been public about her former battle with bulimia and how a life-changing experience woke her up.

Speaking in 2014 she told Cosmopolitan: “I had started losing my voice, I couldn’t sing at shows, and then I remember my manager finding me passed out.

"I thought, ‘I’m going to lose everything I love if I don’t love myself’. One day when you feel you’ve reached the end, you just say, ‘I’m not doing this any more’.”

Partners on the dancefloor

Nicole and Thom also share a passion for dance, with the former winning Dancing With The Stars in 2010 while the latter also took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2014.

When you’re supposed to be doing laundry and get distracted 💃🏽🌹 #stayathomechallenge

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They've shared several videos of them showing off their moves together, including one of them ballroom dancing in the kitchen.

Keen fitness enthusiasts too, the pair regularly share videos messing around at their home gym and have also wanted to inspire their fans to workout, regularly discussing the benefits to mental wellbeing.

They certainly appear to be for keeps.

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