I grew up in a mouldy house & was sick for years – 9 ways to stop it and why you NEVER buy a rubber bottom bath mat | The Sun

MOULD is an ever-present issue for many people up and down the country. 

People flock to the internet to find the best ways to get rid of it, using everything from homemade concoctions to cheap and expensive buys from stores.

But one woman has shared the everyday mistakes people make that causes mould in the home to begin with.

“I might have grown up with health freak parents but they were not mould freaks,” she started the video. 

Kali explained that she grew up in a mouldy house, which made her sick her “entire life” without her knowing about it. 

But she’s since moved out of that property and has seen the “biggest difference” in her health. 

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Now, in a bid to help others, she’s shared the common mistakes people make that means mould will grow. 

“I had so many bad habits,” she told viewers before explaining that mould just needs moisture and 24 hours to grow. 

She said: “A big thing is keeping your house’s humidity levels between 35 percent and 50 percent. Any higher than that and mould is going to start to grow in your home. 

“That was a big mistake we made at my parents house. I remember in the summer whenever it would rain, the temperature would drop outside so we’d open the windows to save energy on cooling the house. 

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“But I would remember going to bed at night and my bed sheets felt wet because it was so humid inside.” 

TikTok user @kaligirly went on to warn people to address any kind of water leak or basement flooding as it is a prime time for mould to grow. 

“It is so important to not leave anything wet in your house,” she said. 

Kali then told people to never leave their clothes in the washing machine all day. 

“And when you’re done with the cycle, leave the washing machine open so that the machine can air out and dry,” she went on. 

“Run the self clean cycle at least once a month because lint will build up inside and it will grow mould.” 

When it comes to the shower, meanwhile, she urged viewers to always run the fan, adding that there are people who even put a dehumidifier in their bathrooms.

She went on: “Those dang bath mats… Make sure you hand them to dry, especially the ones with rubber underneath. 

“They’re super susceptible to growing mould.

“Basically anything that’s wet for 24 hours can grow mould. Especially wet towels that you shove in your laundry hamper, make sure you dry those before putting them in there. 

“I was very guilty for that one.” 

Another mistake most people make is putting wet knives into their blocks as it could grow mould. 

“Keep in mind that it’s impossible to have zero mould in your home, mould is a part of nature,” she continued.

“The goal is to just minimise it as much as possible so that it’s not at toxic levels making you sick”. 

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People were quick to reply as one person wrote: “A stone bath mat has been a game changer for my bathroom!!” 

“Having a breakdown,” another person joked as a third added: “Dehumidifiers in basements are so helpful. You will never believe the amount of water you have to empty”. 

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