I work at Primark and customers make the same stupid complaints every day – I swear no other store has shoppers as bad | The Sun

IF you enjoy shopping in Primark and regularly find yourself looking for bargains in the high-street store, it’s time to listen up.

According to one Primark employee, there are many annoying things that customers constantly complain about that really wind up the staff. 

The Primark employee, posting on TikTok under the username @uhh.davey, revealed the things that he has supposedly done to annoy customers, which are totally not his fault.

But the man made a joke of the situation, leaving social media users in hysterics as he suggested hilarious solutions to the customers’ problems. 

The social media user uploaded his clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘Things I’ve done to annoy customers’.

He said: “Hello and welcome to ‘things I’ve done to p**s off Primark customers’.

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“Coming in at number one, they didn’t have the receipt for their return.

“That’s absolutely my fault, I should have gone to their house and turned it upside down to get it myself so that they could comfortably return their jeans that their fat, greasy a**e couldn’t fit into.

“Number two, we didn’t have an item they wanted in stock.

“That is completely my fault again, I’m such an awful employee, I should have whipped out a sewing machine and sewn a sweatshirt there and then on the spot – I mean, what kind of Primark employee am I if I didn’t specifically take up a sewing course before I applied for the job?

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“Number three, the fitting rooms are closed due to Covid guidelines.

“Now that’s absolutely, spot on, my fault – I was the t**t that started the pandemic, my bad.

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“Number four, their card declined.

“My fault, I should have offered to pay for it myself – it’s not like I get paid nine pounds an hour to hear every third customer barking and yapping about how the ‘customer is always right’ and how our ‘policies are so unfair’.

“And finally at number five, the queue was too long and Jennifer is running late for work.

“Now that’s an absolute hate crime on my part, how dare I let a queue build up in the store?

“Now while I do strive for customer excellence, I am physically unable to serve six customers at a time, just so she wouldn’t have to wait in line, like every other f***ing person.

“Alternatively, I should’ve taken the next available bus and clocked in for her shift, just so she can enjoy her £200 shopping spree at Primark, five minutes before she started work”.


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The man’s hilarious video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up 52.6k views.

It has 4,457 likes, 205 comments and 360 shares. 

Other Primark employees felt the man’s pain and reflected this in the comments. 

One person said: “As a Primark employee this really hit a bit too close for home”.

Another added: “This is so accurate hahahaha”. 

A third commented: “Literally my life when I worked there”. 

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Someone else claimed: “Omg I upset a customer when I worked there because all the size 6s had sold out by the evening” to which the Primark employee responded “PRIMARK CUSTOMERS CRY OVER THE SMALLEST S**T. I swear no other store has customers THIS bad”. 

Meanwhile, another noted: “I do not miss working in retail”.

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