I’m a mum of eight boys and I’m constantly asked what sex position is best to guarantee you have one

A MUM of eight boys has revealed she is constantly asked what sex position is best to guarantee you get a son.

Yalancia, who posts on TikTok as @That_Rosario_Life, shared some rather intimate details about her sex life with husband.

In a video which has 13,000 views, she claimed that the sex position didn’t matter when it came to her producing eight boys. 

She also theorised that “deep penetration helped” with the process, but pointed out that overall it is the male who determines the baby’s sex.

Male sperm carries either an X or Y chromosome, and this combines with an X chromosome from the mother to make a baby girl (XX) or a boy (XY).

Yalancia joked that she just “found it easier” to have boys but has wondered what it would be like to have a girl. 


She said in the comments: “I always wonder will I have a tough girl if I were to have one, or would she be a girly girl?”

The mum-of-eight said that they are hoping to have 10 kids in total, so she could end up with a daughter in the near future.

Yalancia said that their home is not that spacious yet, and so her boys currently share triple bunk beds. 

Thankfully they are good with their chores so it doesn’t get too messy.

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She added in an Instagram Q&A about her husband: “When we met we didn’t have a tight close family, it was just us, so we joked about having a set of 10.

“It’s not a joke anymore.”

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