I'm a professional hairstylist – this is how you should REALLY use dry shampoo… and there is a right amount to spray

COUNTLESS greasy hair days have been saved by grabbing some dry shampoo when we're running low on time.

But, according to a professional hairstylist, there's more to it than just spraying half a can on and hoping for the best.

''You are supposed to use it in a certain way,'' Lexie Rainbolt, from Illinois, told her TikTok followers.

The first tip, according to the hairdresser, is spraying the product on clean hair.

''That may sound weird to some of you but if you use this on Day 1 or 2 hair, this will kind of help to prevent the oils from forming.''


Her second recommendation is purchasing a good product – and the cult favourite, Batiste, is not amongst her go-tos.

''I used to hate the way that dry shampoo felt on my hair, I would not use it.''

Instead of this, Lexie suggested grabbing Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo: ''This one they have a dark tones and a light tones.''

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Tip number three is for those with particularly oily scalp: ''Let it soak up all the oils up and then kind of rub it in and brush through.''

When it comes to finding the perfect amount to spray, Lexie reminded that less is more.

''You don't need a lot of this stuff.

''Hold it about six inches away, spray it on, let it do its thing.

''There’s nothing worse than the dry shampoo roots from holding it too close.''

Viewers seemed to agree, with one writing: ''I find that spraying it on BEFORE bed and not the morning or day of helps it sit longer and soak up oils!''

Another shared: ''I find using a blow dryer after applying it helps a bit too.''

''Fun fact Moroccan oil is also one of the only dry shampoos that actually cleans your scalp!'' one thought.

Despite the positive reviews, one user wasn't so convinced: ''$26 for one can 😳😳 or is that just amazon?''

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