Joe Rogan Just Shared His Quarantine Workout Tips

With the entire country on lockdown, more and more people have been searching for home workouts that will help them to keep fulfilling their fitness goals while self-isolating. During the latest episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan explained to his guest Greg Fitzsimmons what he’s been doing to stay swole in quarantine, and offered some advice for what others can do too.

Rogan acknowledges that he’s fortunate enough to have a well-equipped home gym, but believes that you can still get a killer workout with minimal kit. “If you can get one thing, one piece of equipment that I think you need, get a chinup bar,” he says. “One kettlebell, one chinup bar, you’ve replaced your gym. Every day you can get a fucking ferocious workout in a number of different ways.” Rogan says that using just one 35-pound kettlebell, he’s able to do “crazy cardio” with HIIT workouts he’s found online, and crush his abs doing leg raises on the chinup bar.

“Everything else you can do with your bodyweight,” he continues, listing some of his favorite different bodyweight exercise variations, including Hindu pushups (a.k.a. updogs and downward dog pushups), which is part pushup, part yoga pose.

“You can also do regular pushups, diamond pushups, wall presses, where you rest your feet on the wall, you can do shoulder presses,” he says. “You can get crazy cardio workouts just by doing lunges, switching steps, hindu squats.” Another bodyweight move, when performing the hindu squat you lift your heels up off the ground at the bottom end of the move and go on the balls of your feet, put your hands behind you, then bring them up as you rise out of the position.

“You can do sets of like 100,” says Rogan. “It’s really pretty easy for the first 10, 15, 20… you get to 100 and your thighs are fucking burning. And then you can build them up. Some wrestlers would do them every day, like 500 Hindu squats every morning as part of their conditioning regimen.”

He recalls how one of the fittest competitors he ever met during his time hosting Fear Factor was a big proponent of a very similar move, the air squat: “They’re a punishing workout on your legs.”

That’s what Rogan’s doing—what about you? If you’re struggling to find your footing with home training, we have resources available to help you to get moving. Check out our daily home workouts (streamed at 12 p.m. EST on Instagram every week day) and our list of best options for home workouts. Want to start slow? Try by giving our daily challenges a go.

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