Kaia Gerber and Stuart Vevers of Coach are All About Kurt Cobain Right Now

Kaia Gerber may not have been born until 2001, but when she dyed her cropped hair pink earlier this year, it inspired a ’90s vibe for Coach’s Stuart Vevers. When it came time to shoot the model for the brand’s Spring 2021 collection, her hair had already grown out, but she was happy to Manic Panic all over again to achieve what Vevers’ calls, that “Kurt Cobain grunge.”

Gerber is just one of the Coach “family” the creative director cast to showcase his new collection, “Coach Forever,” lensed by Juergen Teller. The other members include Kate Moss, Debbie Harry, Kiko Mizuhara, Jeremy Lin, Megan Thee Stallion, Cole Sprouse, and Paloma Elsesser, shot in a collection that melds new, vintage, and archival Coach designs, including recontextualized key pieces from Fall 2020. It’s a refreshing and authentic feeling of community and craftsmanship from a mega brand like Coach. Below, Gerber talks book clubbing and what she’s been wearing from home.

What have you been wanting to wear these past few months?

These last few months I have been living in sweatpants. Even for a Zoom, it’s all about something nice on top and a comfortable bottom for me.

How do you think fashion designers can acclimate to the way people are currently living?

I think fashion is always changing with the times, and right now I think people are really valuing comfort and quality.

What are your thoughts on Coach’s new collection and the look created for you in particular?

I love Coach’s new collection. I think Stuart is great at referencing the past and converting it in a new modern way.

Are you influenced by 90s/grunge style?

I have always been influenced by 90s grunge style. Originally, I cut my hair to look like Kurt Cobain. The pink naturally followed.

Why did you initially dye your hair pink?

I initially dyed my hair pink out of boredom, and after re-watching Gus Van Sant’s “last days”.

You started a book club this year, if you has to choose your favorite so far what would it be and why?

I think it would be impossible to choose a favorite book club, but I am always honored when I get to talk directly to the author of the book. I started the book club because I have always been an avid reader and wanted to share that part of me and welcome people to participate alongside me.

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