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GHOSTS and ghouls have nothing on the grim times ahead for all the star signs over Halloween and well into November, thanks to Mars being in retrograde.

The position of Mars, which astrologers say affects energy levels, mood, sex life and relationships, is turning to retrograde on September 9th and will stay there until November 13.

When a planet goes retrograde, what's happening is that it's spinning so fast that it appears to be spinning backwards.

According to celebrity astrologer Nicolas Aujula, the movement of the planet will spell conflict, protest and problems in the weeks ahead.

He told the Daily Mail: "Mars rules over your energy levels and how you jump into action.

During retrograde this energy is limited and we begin to feel more irritation, frustration, anger and impatience.

"Mars retrograde also forms a challenging 90 degree square with Saturn, the planet of hard work and order, so we'll have to contend with extra restriction, uphill battles, and slowed progress."

So, what's ahead? Here's what it has in store for you based on your star sign – don't say you haven't been warned.

ARIES: Deflation and frustration

Aries are typically energetic and determined, but the position of Mars is set to challenge these traits.

Those who fall under this fire sign will find themselves frustrated because they are used to ticking things off their to-do list, but Mars will leave them feeling deflated.

Aries can be stubborn, reckless and competitive, and the position of Mars will only worsen these traits.

But there are ways to negate this anger – Nicholas recommends boxing to channel your rage in a healthy way.

TAURUS: Soul searching

You're usually peaceful and gravitate towards harmonious relationships in your personal life.

But with Mars in retrograde, Taurean will feel confused and lost in coming weeks, struggling to come to any meaningful conclusions.

People who were born in this sign are typically patient and usually content, but Nicholas emphasises the importance of removing negative influences from your life.

Nicholas advises taking time to reflect spiritually in the next few weeks.

GEMINI: Friendship fallout

This social and talkative sign is known for being cheerful, quick-witted, warm and charming.

But Mars in retrograde will bring friendship conflict for Geminis, bringing up old problems.

But Nicholas recommends not letting any disagreements cause a permanent rift between Geminis and their pals – or you'll suffer long-term consequences.

CANCER: Workplace drama

Cancerians are ruled by the moon, making them emotional and at times over-sensitive.

From September 9th until November 13, this sensitive sign should avoid clashing with co-workers and managers.

Look for both sides of a story before jumping to conclusions, and beware, as Nicholas says, 'relationship beginnings and endings could be on the horizon.

LEO: Bigger picture

Passionate, charismatic and generous, Leos love nothing more than putting themselves at the centre of attention.

Leos will struggle in coming weeks as Mars will cause you to feel trapped and frustrated.

Nicholas advises looking at the bigger picture, rather than scrutinising minute details.

Using this time to plan for the future, strengthen your skills and knowledge are good uses of this time.

VIRGO: Sexual frustrations

Virgoans are attractive, smart and sophisticated, but for between September 9th and November 13th, this sign needs to be mindful of the purse strings.

Be aware that a change or reduction in income could be coming, while your outgoings could also increase.

In addition, Virgos might deal with some pent-up sexual frustrations during this time.

Nicholas advises talking to your partner about these feelings and communicating your desires.

LIBRA: Rocking the boat

Libras have a tenancy to obsess over balance and order, but in coming weeks, they will have to rock the boat a little in order to communicate their needs.

The air sign should talk to their other half to reassess romantic needs and regain balance in the relationship.

Failure to communicate and stand up for yourself could lead to relationship trouble.

SCORPIO: Rethinking work

Nicholas says this will be a time to rethink the way you work. Look for new ways forward.

Nicholas recommends pacing yourself while Mars is in retrograde.

Focusing on good health and nutrition is essential in this time.

SAGITTARIUS: Back with the ex

The next few weeks could see Sagittarians looking to re-spark old relationships.

This won't lead to anything long term, but it might give you better closure.

Nicholas recommends dabbling in lots of different projects to find something rewarding and satisfying.

CAPRICORN: Disagreements

Capricorns are often stubborn, and Mars in retrograde will see this sign struggle with conflict.

Nicholas recommends taking a diplomatic approach to dsagreements and talking through any issues.

AQUARIUS: Too direct

Aquarians, who fall under the water sign, will need to be organised, keeping lists and making plans to ensure everything gets done.

Nicholas warns that a direct communications style might not be appropriate in your personal life during this period.

PISCES: Watch the budget

Don't make any big financial decisions until this period is over, says Nicholas.

Mars in retrograde might affect you financially.

Be careful of you budget and make a list of your incomings and outgoings, also make a rainy day fund.

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