Mrs Hinch fan shares 'game-changing' product for making washing machine smell great and look sparkling

WHILE washing machines exist to clean clothes and leave them smelling fresh, this can be hindered if they don’t get properly cleaned between washes.

A Mrs Hinch fan took to Facebook to ask the Hinch Army for their best tips for keeping her laundry appliance gleaming – and people have shared their favourite products.

She wrote on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group: "I cleaned my washing machine with two capfuls of Zoflora on a 90 degree wash, but inside looks cloudy and not sparkling.

"What else can I use?

"Also, my clothes never smell fresh after, I use Comfort fabric softener, what can I use to make the clothes smell nice?"

Many Mrs Hinch fans were quick to offer up their best hacks.

One wrote: "I usually pour bicarb and white vinegar in the drum after scrubbing it inside and out.


"I pour the Zoflora in the drawer on a hot wash and I feel with non-bio products you never get a fresh smell."

Another said: "I add a tiny form of Fabulosa into my wash."

And a third commented: "Fabulosa is a game-changer. It not only helps to disinfect but also smells amazing, it really is fabulous!"

Meanwhile, one person wrote: "Sparkling… the only word I can use to describe my machine when I use a disinfectant like Fabulosa."

We shared how one woman puts a cap of cleaning crystals and a cup of white vinegar in her drum on a hot cycle.

Disinfectant spray Fabulosa comes in different scents and costs around £1 from the likes of B&M and Home Bargains.

It must be diluted before using on clean surfaces.

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