Mum reveals stunning secret playroom hidden behind a tiny door in her hallway – and it’s probably bigger than your flat

THINK your home is cool? A mum has revealed how her family’s house has a secret playroom for the kids hidden behind a tiny door in the hallway.

TikTok user @curly.k8 revealed the incredible home feature in a video which has been viewed over 400,000 times. 

In the viral clip, mum Kate can be seen standing in her bright hallway by a small door that looks rather ordinary.

However, hidden behind is a tunnel large enough for a person to crawl in – and could be made into a fun snug or TV watching space.

Kate showed viewers how the tunnel, which is not yet finished, has a ladder leading to a second level. 

She wrote in the caption: "The kids are going to love this!"

The secret room has racked up 47,000 likes from impressed TikTok users. 

One said: "Are you kidding me? That looks like heaven! I WANT THAT.”

Others compared it to Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs.

Meanwhile, some said they felt “claustrophobic” looking at it, with one writing: "That’s scary! That’s where you keep the bodies. Even the dog is like 'you first.'"

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