Mum reveals why you should NEVER make your bed first thing in the morning – and it's really gross

A CLEANING mad mum has revealed why you should never make your bed first thing in the morning.

Taking to her Instagram account, Mrs D’s Cleaning Reviews, she explained that it is important to let your “bed breathe.”

She wrote: “It seems a lot of people get up and make the bed straight away.

“This is something you need to stop doing. Get out of bed and throw the duvet back and let your bed breathe.”

Mrs D, from Chorley, then went on to reveal the gross reasons why you should avoid immediately laying the bed.

She continued: “During the night we not only sweat but we also shed skin, and this is a magnet for dust mites & bed bugs.

“They love damp and humid areas, and some people only let their bed breathe in the summer, and think that you don’t need to do this in the winter because of the cold weather.

“But this isn’t true. With central heating being on in the winter it can attract dust mites/ bed bugs just as much as in the summer months.

“So, by making your bed first thing every morning you are trapping all that damp air and helping dust mites/ bed bugs breed (sounds horrible, but it's true).”


🌟Air your bed for at least an hour everyday.

I know it's nice to see your bedroom looking clean and fresh and of course we lead busy lives, which means it's easy to make the bed before you go to work. But doing, this will help a lot. If you don’t have an hour in the morning leave it till you get home, and make the bed least you know it’s had a good airing.

🌟Wash your sheets once a week, using a high wash cycle and a laundry cleanser, this will kill any bacteria on your bedding.

🌟Once a month deep clean your mattress by vacuuming it and then using a steam cleaner to kill all bacteria and dust mites.

🌟Wash your duvets and pillows every 6 months. If you can fit them in your own washing machine then take them to the launderette. Most launderettes offer a duvet cleaning service.

All of these things will help reduce dust mites and prolong your mattress life too.

She shared the tip with her 59,000 strong following who were grateful for the advice.

One wrote: "I didn’t know this! Will definitely do from now on!"

"Such a great tip here 😍" added another.

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