Mum who feeds her ‘fussy’ three-year-old daughter KFC THREE times a week sparks fierce debate

A MUM has sparked a fierce debate after revealing she buys KFC chicken nuggets for her three-year-old daughter three times a week.

Australian mum Loca took to a parenting group on Facebook to ask for advice and question whether others have had similar issues with fussy children.

She added that while she's tried to make nuggets at home herself, her daughter won't eat them.

And Loca also reassured fellow parents that she does rotate the nuggets with other, healthier, meals such as courgette fritters and pasta bolognese.

But some responses were kinder than others, as one mum told Loca to "pick your battles" with her daughter, and encouraged her not to feel guilty about the regularity of her child's fast food dinners.

"Do what is right for you at that moment. Don't let the other perfect parents impact your life," one person wrote.

While another added: "Don't be hard on yourself if that's what your child chooses a couple times a week."

However, someone else argued: "Three times a week seems like a lot. Once a week would be okay in my opinion.

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"I'd try healthier types of nuggets before KFC… Lots of salt, saturated fats and chemicals in fast food."

In fact, in a large serving of KFC popcorn chicken nuggets there is approximately 1.82g of salt.

And given that children up to three years old shouldn't eat more than 2g of salt per day – Loca's daughter is already nearly up to her limit with just a portion of nuggets.

Other parents took to the Facebook post to suggest other recipes for nuggets that Loca may not have tried with her little girl as yet.

"My kids are fussy and eat crumbed chicken tenders (that are) absolutely delicious," one wrote.

While another added: "You can buy nuggets from Steggles (Australian poultry store) to cook at home in the air fryer."

And someone else suggested: "Try homemade KFC chicken, it's a Thermomix recipe but you can mix ingredients in a blender, it's amazing and tastes better, just make sure to double coat the chicken."

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