Mums are sharing their HUGE daily schedules – but others reckon they’ve got too much time on their hands

KEEPING a tidy home takes work, so it's not surprising busy mums are uniting in sharing their incredibly organised weekly cleaning schedules.

But while some admire the organisation and dedication to household chores, a few reckon it's far too much work and say they just do things when they're bothered.

Kicking off the conversation was an Aussie mum who shared a snap of her weekly cleaning list in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group.

The detailed list, which was typed out on an A4 piece of paper,was broken up into areas of the home including kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, entry way,bar and bathroom and even had a list of 'extras' that had to be done.

In the caption, she wrote: "My cleaning list. This is mostly weekly, who else has a full cleaning list?"

Her post propted many parents to share thier own organisted systems, with some even admitting theirs is daily rather than weekly.

"I do this pretty much everyday except the sheets are weekly. If I do it everyday then it keeps on top of it and it’s not such a huge job," one person shared.

And another added: "I do most of this daily except bedroom, bathroom and toilet. They’re weekly. I also vacuum everyday."

Others remained hopeful they'd be able to take on a similar system, with one person writing: "WOW! You're awesome. I'm so going to make a list like this…and give it to my kids to follow.Seriously, this is a great idea.

While others used words like "amazing" and "wow" to express how impressed they were.

But while some list-loving cleaning fanatics were envious of some of the schedules they were seeing, many admitted it wasn't for them.

One person commented: "I just do what I have time for or what annoys me as I’m walking past."

And another added: "I don't have a list but do pretty much all on your list but mop and vacuum every 2nd day."

While a third said: "No list in my house between kids, uni and being a carer for my mil who has onset of dementia I do things as they present themselves."

"I just wing it," chimed in another, while a fifth added, "Life is too short."

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