My 38DDD boobs were a nightmare – they'd flop everywhere & I felt trapped in my body, so I had life-changing surgery | The Sun

A WOMAN underwent "life-changing" surgery after her size 38DDD boobs made her life a "nightmare".

Social media manager Kylie Perkins, 24, found herself struggling mentally with her body image after having her children, aged four and two.

As well as feeling "trapped" in a body that "wasn't" hers, she suffered from intense neck and back pain – which was sometimes so bad that she ended up in tears.

"My breasts have impacted me in so many different ways, but the biggest impact I had every day was my self image," Kylie told

"I struggled really hard mentally with my body image and I can't fully explain it, but I haven't felt like myself for a long time.

"I felt trapped in a body that wasn't mine.

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"I'm a pretty small person and my breasts took up most of my body, so they made me look and feel a lot larger than I was.

"I would have to buy size XL shirts, when my body fits a small or medium.

"I was living off ibuprofen most of the time (due to the pain) and working out was so uncomfortable, as finding a sports bra which held them in strong enough made it hard to breathe.

"If they weren't held in enough, they would flop and fly everywhere, which caused a lot of discomfort."

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Kylie, who lives in Alaska with husband Ryan and their children, booked herself in for a breast reduction and had the procedure in June – all paid for by her insurance, leaving her with a 36B cup size.

Since then, she's had no back or neck pain at all and her confidence has returned – with the mum calling the surgery "life-changing."

"I can see the actual shape of my body and I have cried happy tears at how life-changing this surgery really was for me," she continued.

"I am still healing and will be for a few months, as I'm still sore and taped – but I have seen them already and can't believe how amazing they look.

"I actually tried to get a reduction in November 2021, but the cost was a lot for me to think about, so I held off.

"I started wearing real bras again because I wanted to pull them up, so I could look more like myself, but once I made that switch, my back pain got worse.

"I made an appointment with my primary care provider and he asked me questions about my pain and if I had rashes.

"I told him yes to all of those and he believed I was a good candidate for a breast reduction (on insurance).

"He referred me to a plastic surgeon and they got me in fairly quickly – I think it was a few weeks."

Kylie decided to share her transformation on social media, where she has since gone viral, racking up over 200,000 views and 20,000 likes.

In the video, she shows multiple before and after photos in different tops, as she compares her breasts pre and post surgery.

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She's also had women reaching out to her, and concluded: "My biggest piece of advice is to research and trust your surgeon,

"Life is too short to be uncomfortable in our own bodies and if I would have known getting a breast reduction would make me feel like myself again, I would have done this years ago."

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