My face doubled in size and I looked like I’d been beaten up after horrific reaction to home eyebrow tint

SINCE we went into lockdown in March, most of us have tried to replicate our beauty treatments at home – whether that's dying our hair or giving ourselves a quick manicure.

But beauty fan Stephanie Davies is wishing she never tried to tint her own eyebrows – after she suffered an allergic reaction which made her face DOUBLE in size.

In July 2018, Stephanie, from Swansea, suffered her first allergic reaction to an at-home DIY eyebrow tint.

The mental health support worker said she'd been using Eylure Dybrow permanent tint for a year before the reaction and didn't do a patch test before topping up her tint.

Although Stephanie was initially happy with the results, she woke up the next day with a swollen and burnt face and said her eyes were weeping "green goo".

Stephanie is bravely sharing her story to urge other people to always do a patch test – even if they've used that brand before.

Not only did Stephanie end up needing steroids and antibiotics, her boss ordered her to stay at home to avoid scaring clients.

She said: "My face swelled up so much and all my ears and my throat was sore.

"I was really upset and started crying, after I was sent home from work I rang my doctor and had to have strong steroids to bring my face down.

"It took a good week to go down and I wouldn't go out [like that]  I couldn't even walk my dog Caesar.

""I love beauty, I always wear eyelashes and make-up but I couldn't for a week, I wouldn't go out like that."

Despite giving up her eyebrow tints for two years, Stephanie decided to try Colorsport's Diva 30 day brow tint last week – and she suffered another horrific allergic reaction.

Three hours after applying the product, Stephanie felt her brows starting to itch again and called 111.

Even though Stephanie took antihistamine tablets, she said: "My face doubled in size, it looked like I'd been beaten up.

"I didn't recognise myself – I looked like a completely different person, it was awful.

"I had to peel my eyelids open because they were folded over and my eyebrows felt rock hard and brittle, some hairs fell off."

Unsurprisingly, the ordeal has made Stephanie swear off eyebrow tints for life.

She said: "I'll never do them again, I'll stick to drawing them on in future.

"I would say to anyone who does have their eyebrows done, to patch test 48 hours beforehand because it can take a while for a reaction to happen."

An Eylure spokesman said: "We always advise that a patch test must be carried out 48-72 hours prior to any form of dye application as stated on our packaging, even if you are a regular user."

A Colorsport spokesman said: "We are disappointed to see that one of our customers had a reaction to brow tinting.

"Our products are fully tested and compliant with European regulation 1223/2009.

"We advise our customers to conduct a 48-hour skin sensitivity test prior to application, even if they have used brow tint previously.  Instructions will always be enclosed.

"If a customer has an enquiry or issue with any of our products, our contact information can be easily found and we are more than willing to offer any advice or assistance."

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