My outfit offended a few Karens at the mall – but I'm here for shopping, not their husbands | The Sun

A FASHION lover has revealed that she offended a few Karens with her outfit at the mall.

But she remained unbothered, insisting that she was there to buy stuff, not steal men.

Fashionista Janice (@bbxtchzz) is a self-described "Y2K bimbo" based in California.

She's obsessed with all things style, so it makes sense why she would want to rock chic looks while out and about.

In a TikTok video, she told viewers that one of her looks didn't receive the best reception.

The subtitle over the visual read: "I think my outfit offended a few Karens at the mall."

She filmed the entirety of the video in an almost empty parking lot.

First, she placed her phone down and backed away to give her audience a full look at her choice of fashion.

She wore a light blue mini-dress with ties on the side, a white cropped teddy jacket, white ankle socks, beat-up Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, and a white Louis Vuitton Multicolor Pochette purse.

"I'm here for shopping, not your husband," she explained in the video caption.

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As she posed and sashayed around the parking lot, she showed off the look from multiple angles.

Janice received a great reception in the comments from many TikTok users.

"YES QUEEN WALK YOUR RUNWAY," one commented.

"You are beautiful anyways," an admirer complimented.

"Getttt it! Love the outfit," a fan praised.

"Girl,I have the same dress and I also had some Karens judging me saying it’s too short. It’s, like, girl please be gone," another shared.

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