Nigella Lawson says we've all been using dry shampoo wrong

Nigella Lawson gives a lot of good advice – but you’d probably imagine it’s all related to food.

But it turns out she has some great advice for styling your hair too.

In her last Sunday Times Style magazine column, the food writer gives her four tips for an easier existence.

But the one that stands out is her advice to put dry shampoo in your hair before you go to bed, rather than the next morning.

When you need to give your hair a little refresh, you’re probably used to spraying some of the stuff and then desperately trying to brush it out to get rid of the powdery tinge.

Nigella says: ‘Blast yourself with it before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning, it will have disappeared, taking the grime and grease with it.’

She also says that a basic, low-cost dry shampoo does just as good a job as more expensive ones but she uses Kevin Murphy’s Fresh Hair because she likes that smell.

It makes sense as it means it does the work while you’re asleep, rather than rushing it as you try to head out the door.

People on Twitter liked the idea.

One said: ‘Why on earth didn’t the dry shampoo tip ever occur to me, you’re a genius!’

Another said: ‘She’s right about the dry shampoo.’

Her other tips included ‘do it now’ and saying no when you’re asked to do something you know you can’t take on, rather than just delaying because you feel guilty.

And when it comes to food, she said the most important thing about getting dinner on the table is not to worry about everything being piping hot.

Wise words, Nigella.

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