People said my outfit was inappropriate for a wedding but I wore it anyway – I just wanted to match my partner | The Sun

WHEN it comes to wedding attire, there's one major unspoken rule in place.

A TikToker received backlash from her followers for the outfit she wore to her friend's big day.

TikTok user Gabby Goessling shared the dress she wore to a friend's wedding, and people were divided on the look.

"Is this dress inappropriate for a wedding? I got so scared of being inappropriate that I brought a spare in case," she told viewers.

Gabby modeled the ankle length white floral dress, which she explained she wanted to wear to match her partner.

In a follow up video, she detailed: "I just really wanted to match my partner’s jacket and it felt like the only dress that was matching. I bought it last minute."

The TikToker said she received a lot of comments telling her the dress was inappropriate to wear to a wedding and would be disrespectful to the bride.

"It’s so bad, I feel so sh*t about it because apparently it had too much white on it," Gabby said.

Despite the backlash, the influencer still wore the dress to the wedding and shared the bride's reaction in her second video.

" I think the bride was fine with it and no one said anything to me. I personally wouldn’t care if someone wore a dress like that to my wedding," the TikTok user said.

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Gabby's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the dress.

"Yes [it is inappropriate], only because some brides are mixing it up with white patterns/florals lately. No white at all is safe," wrote one viewer.

Another user pointed out: "Just a little disclaimer: just because you wouldn’t mind, doesn’t mean that someone’s doesn’t mind."

"If you’re unsure if your dress is too white for a wedding, it usually is," commented a third person.

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