Piers Morgan slams 'whining' Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after Duchess' 'liberal and woke' Fortune interview

PIERS Morgan slammed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as "yapping and whining" in an extended TV rant this morning.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Piers hit out at the pair after Meghan, 39, spoke at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit by video link, saying the current coronavirus pandemic was forcing people to "go through a reset".

But Piers took objection to Meghan's contribution and teased, despite the pair's repeated requests for privacy, they were more prevalent than ever.

"The Duchess of Sussex has popped again, in her daily address to the world," he laughed.

"She's a very private lady, as you know," he added – calling her "my old friend."

"There's not a day that goes by without these two whining, complaining, suing."

In the Fortune interview – which cost £10k to attend – Meghan told the audience: "If you look back at anything that I’ve said, it’s really interesting because what ends up being inflammatory it seems is people’s interpretations of it.

"But if you listen to what I actually say, it’s not controversial.

“And actually some of it is just reactive to things that haven’t happened, which – in some ways – I think you have to have a sense of humour about it, even though there is quite a lot of gravity and there can be a lot of danger in a misinterpretation of something that was never there to begin with."

But Piers objected to this. "She's says nothing she says is ever controversial.

"She says she no longer reacts to anything whether it's critical or positive.

"She doesn't notice it, she doesn't react to it.

"What she really means is nothing I say is controversial because I'm right about everything; this is this kind of liberal, woke thing."

Asked by co-presenter Susanna Reid why he couldn't leave them alone, he said: "I could leave them alone if they leave us alone.

"There's not a second of the day that goes by when these two aren't yapping."

Meghan also told the audience how she's enjoyed spending time with Prince Harry and Archie over the past few months.

"For me, it’s been amazing to spend time with my husband and watch our little one [son Archie] grow and that’s where our attention has been," she explained.

What she [Meghan] really means is nothing I say is controversial because I'm right about everything; this is this kind of liberal, woke thing

"In addition to, of course, how we can be a part of the change of energy that so many people are craving right now and whatever we can do to help in that capacity."

She also said "bots and trolls" were changing the way people interacted with each other, both online and in person.

Meghan also advised those watching to 'focus on living a purpose-driven life', adding: "Don't listen to the noise."

Meghan and Harry spent lockdown at a rented Los Angeles mansion before moving to a new £8 million home in Santa Barbara.

The couple quit their roles as working members of the Royal Family earlier this year to move to the US and gain 'financial independence'.

Meghan yesterday lost a court battle to block claims she allegedly co-operated with the authors of Finding Freedom.

The Duchess is accused of feeding personal information to the writers of the biography to “set out her own version of events in a way that is favourable to her”.

The former actress is currently locked in a privacy battle with the publishers of the Mail on Sunday, suing the newspaper for printing extracts of a letter she sent to her dad Thomas, 76, saying it breached her privacy.

However, Associated Newspapers last week claimed Prince Harry's wife had herself leaked details of the letter to the media through friends.

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