Queen’s address to the nation: Her Majesty wears Queen Mary’s turquoise & diamond brooch

The Queen, 93, made a historic address to the nation tonight to steady the UK’s nerves as the country battles coronavirus. Her Majesty looked bright in turquoise blue, and she matched her dress to her impressive diamond and turquoise brooch.


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The brooch is one from her extensive vault – the Queen Mary Turquoise and Diamond Brooch.

Mary received the brooch in 1893 as a wedding present from her in-laws, the future King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. They were the Prince and Princess of Wales at the time of Mary’s wedding.

It is most likely the brooch passed from Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth on the formers death in 1953.

However, Elizabeth did not wear it in public until 2014, and it is not one in her rotation of most worn brooches.

The Queen has a vast selection of jewellery at her disposal, and she will often wear a brooch with her outfit.

When appropriate, the brooch will convey a meaning – for example, wearing the Maple Leaf brooch when in Canada to signify friendship with the country.

For her Christmas address the nation – the most recent one she gave before tonight’s speech – the Queen wore a brooch with a romantic history.

Elizabeth wore a brooch which, like today’s, was a wedding gift.

She chose the sapphire and diamond Prince Albert brooch, a present from Albert to Queen Victoria on the eve of their wedding in 1840.

This stunning piece of jewellery appears to be one of the Queen’s favourites, and she often wears it with blue toned outfits.

The day before their 1840 wedding the German prince gift his bride-to-be this piece. It features a huge central sapphire with diamonds set around it.

Victoria said of it in her diary it was a “splendid brooch, a large sapphire set round with diamonds, which is really quite beautiful.”


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Victoria wore the piece on her wedding day with another set of sapphire jewellery.

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