Stylist says we have been tucking our shirts and t-shirts all wrong

Tucking a shirt into skirts or trousers sounds simple enough, but in reality, it can be a bit of a minefield.

Trying to make it look effortlessly chic is one of life’s greatest challenges. Instead of looking uncomplicated, it looks messy and wrinkled.

However, one stylist is here to save the sartorial day with her foolproof tucking method.

Tanistha, who goes by @tanisthabasu on Instagram, regularly shares fashion tips with her 143,000 followers. 

In a recent clip posted on the social media platform, she shared three ways to tuck your shirt or top into trousers without it looking bulky. All three will help you look cinched in too. 

‘Here are some dos and don’ts of tucking in your top,’ she says in the video. Her first tip tells viewers not to tuck a shirt directly into a waistband with the buttons tied.

Instead, she unbuttons the bottom of the shirt.

‘Tuck each end towards the opposite side for a non-bulky look,’ she adds.

Her second tip is for tops such as t-shirts and roll neck knits. She binds the end of the top into a knot using a hair tie, instead of traditionally tucking.

‘Don’t tuck your top inside the skirt like this,’ she says. ‘Instead, use the hair tie method for a seamless look.’

Meanwhile, for t-shirts and jeans, she tells viewers to avoid gathering the entire bottom part of the top into the waistband.

‘Take the thin end of your tee and just tuck for a cleaner look,’ she explains.

With her tips being uncomplicated and easy to follow, commenters were impressed.

‘Just started a new job and we gotta tuck our shirts in for work (which I never do (usually looks odd on me as my proportions are whack) so thank you for this,’ shared one viewer.

‘She’s a lifesaver,’ added another.

While a third: ‘I think this will help us men too.’

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