This is why you shouldn’t try the TikTok DIY lash lift trend

Searches for DIY lash lifts are 300% higher than this time last year and they’re all over TikTok. But before you try your hand at this tricky treatment yourself, heed this very important advice.

With the right intel and resources, almost all the beauty treatments we love can be done from the comfort of our own homes. Some of us have mastered the at-home manicure, others have tried their hand at a fringe trim and many have even dyed their own hair. So what’s next on the beauty agenda? Well, according to data gathered by online retailer Cult Beauty, many of us are looking into taking our lashes into our own hands: searches for DIY lash lifts are up by a whopping 300% compared to this time last year.

In fact, it’s even become a trend on TikTok. There are currently 1.4million videos with the hashtag #diylashlift and this number continues to grow everyday.

If you’re someone who’s keen to recreate that feathery, lifted and insanely curly lash look at home, then we don’t blame you but here’s something you need to know: DIY lash lifts are not safe and should definitely be left to the professionals.

“This is usually a closed-eye treatment, so doing it with your eyes open is not easy,” explains Emmy Clayton, lash pro and founder of Emmy Creates. “You risk getting the lift and setting lotions in your eyes, over-processing the lash hair and causing allergic reactions if you don’t remove the product correctly.” In the wrong hands, the chemicals in the curling lotions are so strong (they’ve got to be, that’s what gives that permanent curl) that they could cause permanent lash damage or even affect your eyesight if used incorrectly. Which, judging by the comments section on TikTok, has happened to quite a lot of people.

There’s also the risk of going overboard. “You only see the full results once your lashes are fully dry, so it would be very easy to over-curl your lashes and make them grow in towards your eyelids.” 

And, like most professional beauty treatments, it takes a lot of training to perfect the technique. “It took me a long time to master the wispy, natural lash look,” Clayton adds. “You have to understand lash growth, hair type and regrowth post treatment.” She also explains that neat and precise application of the lotions takes practice, so it’s really hard to pick up quickly, no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch. 

Still desperate to get the look of a lash lift? We always recommend seeing a beauty professional for any type of lash lift or lash extensions but there are plenty of ways you can fake the effect (albeit temporarily). Below, Clayton shares her top tips for lifting, separating and curling lashes, safely.

Use an eyelash curler 

“I love my Eylure Lash Curler and it’s such a bargain at £5! When I am in between lash lifts, I use it to give them a boost. My lashes are very stubborn and straight, so when I use my curlers I curl and apply a thin layer of mascara on and then curl again very lightly, I find they stay up for longer that way. Don’t over curl or clamp too hard, make sure you keep it clean, don’t clog it up with mascara and make sure the rubber cushion isn’t worn out.”

Eylure Lash Curler, £4.99

Invest in a hi-tech mascara 

“I’ve honestly never used a better mascara than the Elleebana Elevate Mascara, £21. It’s got such a great brush that coats your lashes evenly, with no clumping and keeps them separated. I honestly was so blown away by how good it is. It has keratin and biotin to nourish your lashes. It’s made by the lash lift company I work with, so having lift in your lashes is one of the many benefits of the mascara.”

Elleebana Elevate Mascara, £21

Try out false lashes

“Eylure does a great range of false lashes. They are the only strip lashes I wear as they are lightweight and easy to apply. The new glue is awesome too and they do not budge. The Luxe Faux Mink Trinkets, £10.99, are my fave: short wispy and not heavy on the eye.”

Eylure Luxe Faux Mink Trinket, £10.90

Images: Getty/ courtesy of brands.

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