Trolls sent death threats when I became a Teen Mum at 17, I was a shell of my old self & I question if I’m a good parent | The Sun

BATTLING the terrible twos is tricky enough for any parent regardless of their age.

So spare a thought for Amber Butler who has to win the war against her trolls as well as her two children.

Since becoming pregnant at the age of 16 the mum of Brooklyn, seven and Hudson, two has been plagued by online abuse with her trolls even going as far as to threaten her.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Amber, who has starred in Teen Mom UK since its launch in 2016, says that seven years on the abuse has not abated.

“I’ve been called all sorts of horrible names, but ultimately when trolls send you death threats, that is damaging,” says Blackpool-based Amber, now 24.

“Sadly, most of us (teen mums) will have been victims of trolling, whether you are on the television or not. 


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“It affects all of us and I feel frustrated that it’s still being allowed to happen. Luckily, I have a lot of kind and supportive followers on my social media, which is what I try to focus on.”

“The keyboard warriors made me lose a lot of confidence, and I really became a shell of myself, but it also made me feel stronger because I haven’t allowed the trolls to win.” 

Before falling pregnant with Hudson, Amber was a student with a part-time job in McDonald's and 13 GCSEs under her belt – but motherhood changed her life's direction.

She and her then partner Ste were very much in love and hoping to have kids, but didn't realise how quickly it would happen, with Amber finding out the day before her 17th birthday.

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The couple, who previously stated they had not ‘100 per cent planned’ Hudson, are no longer together but Amber says that hasn’t stopped them from being great parents.

Amber says: “My relationship with Ste is really good right now. We are co-parenting the best we can and it’s great to see. 

“Even though we’re not two parents who are in a relationship, that doesn’t mean we can’t be two parents who bring our boys up together still and be around one another. 

“We are a great team.” 

Amber says that the new season of Teen Mom UK, which premiers tonight, will see her growing in confidence as a single mum despite her self-doubt.

“I have become more confident in being a mum because of the time spent learning and getting to know my children and what they need from me,” she says.

“I wouldn’t say that parenting gets any easier. 

“I will always question whether I’m a good parent, but I think most of us do that.”

"I don’t think there’s any (ideal) age on pregnancy. If you feel like you're ready, go for it."

As well as becoming more confident in her abilities as a parent, Amber’s confidence has grown in another department as she enters the world of dating as a single parent. 

“I’m ready to settle down and meet someone now but the right person, I’m taking it slow but I’m enjoying it,” Amber says.

“I’ve been single for over two years now, being in a relationship or finding love didn’t bother me. 

“But I feel quite settled in life right now, the boys are doing good, the family is good and now I feel like something is missing.

“I want to feel the emotion of being in love again but I want it to be with the right person that’s why I’m not rushing, slowly taking my time and seeing where things go.

“I come as a package, if you really like me, you’ll accept I am a single mother of two amazing boys.”

Amber previously told The Sun that despite the complications that come with being a teen mum she is glad she had her kids at a young age.

She previously said: "There’s definitely benefits of being a young mum. I’m glad I am a teen mum. I’m glad I am still a young mum.

"I see it as, I’ve had more years to spend with them and make memories. I’ve got a friend who’s not ready to have kids yet, she might end up having a child when she’s 30, and that’s absolutely fine.

"But I’m super happy I had my children younger. I don’t know if there’s any more in the future, but I’d love to have a little girl."

Amber adds: "I don’t think there’s any (ideal) age on pregnancy. If you feel like you're ready, go for it.

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"My little sister is 12 and if she was to come to me at 17 and tell me she was pregnant, I wouldn’t judge her or say ‘oh my God, what have you done with your life?’ I would just congratulate her."

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