Woman begs for help after getting piercing gun STUCK on her ear (and she’s even trying to sleep with it there)

AS much as we desperately wanted to have our ears pierced growing up, we were also completely terrified of the pain.

That said, we always told ourselves that it would be over in a split-second – but what we never considered is that the gun can actually get STUCK in your ear.

Earlier this week, TikTok user Maia Rose posted a video of the painful new piercing she gave herself in lockdown.

She wrote: "Can someone please help me?

"I brought those piercing guns and the back has got stick on the earring and it will [literally] not come off!"

Zooming on the inflamed area, she added: "Had it on my ear all day but [I'm trying] to sleep and can't sleep on my normal side. For f***s sake."

The video has been viewed by almost 870,000 people – and users tried to urge other against home piercings in the comments.

"You should have waited to see a professional," one replied. "Just because others you've done have worked out, doesn't mean it's aways going to."

Another added: "You used that on cartilage? You're not supposed to pierce cartilage with a gun!!"

"There should be a plastic clip covering the back of the earring," a third wrote. "Sometimes if you don't do it hard enough, it can get stuck."

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