Woman makes over her kitchen for just £1.99 with free samples but people accuse her of ‘stealing’ as she got so many

A WOMAN shared how she made over her kitchen for just £1.99 using wallpaper samples, but some have accused her of "stealing" as she used so many sample pieces.

Opinion was totally divided, as some commenters said the DIY-lover was brave for using the samples, while others said they wouldn’t dream of doing it.

Michelle McGowan posted before-and-after photos of her kitchen into Facebook group DIY On a Budget UK. 

She used wallpaper from B&M Bargains, and the whole project cost her less than £2.

She captioned her pictures: “Before and after. Total cost £1.99. Was done picked up samples a few days in a row. Just enough for kitchen.”

One commenter rushed to accuse Michelle of stealing her materials.

She wrote: “So you stole the wall paper?”

“I get samples and use them for craft stuff with the kids if they have any really cool stuff, but I wouldnt dream nicking enough of it to do a room in”, she added.

Another commenter wrote: “You do know a sample is meant to be 12 inches not 4 foot.”

Others, however, thought Michelle’s use of sample wallpaper was genius.

“That is how to do it on the cheap, love it!!”, said one supportive commenter, while a second wrote: “Looks lovely well done you.”

A third said: “Just ignore the hate they're just jealous they don't have the balls to do it.”

“It’s lovely”, added another DIY fan. 

Michelle said that commenters’ accusations didn’t bother her.

“I didn't steal it! I'm not a thief. We asked for a sample every day when a different assistant was working”, she said. 

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