Woman shares simple trick which makes sure her house is ALWAYS clutter free – and it works with laundry too

WHILE we might aspire to have clean and tidy surfaces like Mrs Hinch, most of our houses are probably covered in junk.

Tables and counters become dumping grounds for clutter, which is too important to chuck out but not important enough to properly put away. 

And that's not to mention the chair which lives in most bedrooms covered in clothes somewhere between dirty and clean. 

In a bid to tackle the mess which was piling up in her house, one woman came up with a nifty solution.

April Faulkner, from Boston, rounds up the random items she finds as she cleans and dumps it all on the sofa – so she’s forced to put everything away before sitting down. 

She shared a snap of her house mid-clean, as she admitted the clutter was ‘embarrassing’. 

Embarrassing I know, but this what was on my coffee table and kitchen table

April uploaded a post to Facebook group Tips to Organize & Declutter Home and Life detailing exactly how she motivates herself, and how she uses the tip for her laundry too. 

She said: “Embarrassing I know, but this what was on my coffee table and kitchen table. 

“I live alone so I'm no stranger to clutter, knowing that literally no one sees my place inside. 

“My trick that helps me is I clear off any surface onto my couch. 

“This works for me twofold: I get to see the finished, clean product (the surfaces) right away, and if i want to sit on my couch again, all the items need to find a home first. 

“Once I’ve put in the elbow grease to spray the surfaces and wipe down/ clean the placemats, I never want to put the junk back on top. 

“I do this with laundry too – I dump all the clean laundry on my bed and don’t allow myself to go to bed until it’s all put away.” 

Her method had racked up hundreds of likes, as people thanked her for sharing the tip. 

One person wrote: “A great idea! Fits in with my theory of a little bit at a time so you don't get overwhelmed and disheartened.”

Another said: “Love this idea! Thanks for the tip!.”

A third commented: “This is exactly why I pile all of my husband’s junk on his side of the bed.” 

While someone else added: “Great idea! Think I’ll try it.” 

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