Woman writes hilarious review for Asda wafer-thin ham after her husband compares it to something VERY rude

IT'S not uncommon to scroll through a string of online product reviews to find one that makes you giggle.

But Asda shoppers got more than they bargained for after spotting a very rude, and hilarious, comment about a pack of "wafer thin" ham.

In one woman's brutally honest verdict, she revealed the reason she came to buy the ham in the first place.

She revealed that she has left her husband and bought the product after a comment he had made.

You see, her husband once compared her lady bits to the deli meat, and nowshe's decided to buy him some as a constant reminder of her.

Giving it a five star rating, she wrote: "Husband said fanny looks like ham, guess I’m divorcing him!!!

“But got him this so he can remember me :).”

Although she posted the comment publicly, she probably wasn't expecting her seemingly innocent product review to go viral – but it's since been shared on Facebook.

A screen shot of the Asda review was shared on the Motherload Community and Podcast Facebook group and has left hundreds in stitches.

And let's just say many have since been turned off ham, for LIFE.

One responder joked: “That’s quite fanny.”

And another said: “Omg that’s great.”

“I’ve got ham for my lunch this week.", a third shared, adding" "not sure I can eat it now.”

Much like some of these Facebook users, we'll certainly be thinking twice when it comes to buying deli ham, especially if it's wafer thin.

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