You can now get the most 2021 beauty buy: A sanitiser-proof nail top coat

There’s now such a thing as a sanitiser-proof nail polish top coat.

Chipped nail polish was always a problem pre-pandemic, but have you noticed polish flaking and chipping away faster than usual nowadays?

With our increased hand washing and carting around of antibacterial hand gel everywhere we go, our skin is likely drier and nails less able to hold onto polish so well.

So of all the beauty launches to happen in the last year, this speaks to the impact of the pandemic on our beauty routines most literally.

Barry M are behind the product, making it widely accessible at just £3.99.

The top coat uses an advanced preserving polymer, which a Barry M spokesperson told ‘is proven to improve the durability of nail paint when coming under frequent contact with high alcohol products such as hand sanitiser.’

The result is that you’ll be able to come into contact with anti-bac an increased number of times before your polish shows signs of wear.

Seeing as sanitiser looks set to be the must-have health accessory of the year, this might solve the small annoyance of nail polish breaking down faster.

Barry M added: ‘Chipping and loss of shine will be minimised.

‘When used in a laboratory wet scrub test the Sanitiser Proof Topcoat worked significantly better at stopping chips/damage compared to regular topcoats.’

They aren’t the only brand to innovate pandemic driven products – Sanctuary Spa have launched an Antibacterial Hand Cream to combat the issue of dried out hands from all the alcohol in hand gels, while providing some germ protection.

Over on Instagram, Barry M fans are pleased with the new launch, with people calling it ‘genius’.

Another wrote: ‘Amazing! I was just moaning today how my polish is always so dull after a day at work sanitising every 5 minutes! This is genius!’

You can get it from Boots, Superdrug or Barry M for £3.99.

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