You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the dog hiding in the kitchen | The Sun

MANY dogs can be hard to spot when hiding in random, mischievous locations, but one canine perfectly camouflaged itself in its kitchen.

If you're able to find one dog hidden in plain sight in the kitchen of a TikTok video, then you may have the eyes of a hawk.

One TikTok video has gone viral for its optical illusion and igniting curiosity from its viewers when they're asked to find a dog hidden in the kitchen somewhere in the video.

TikTok user Sherif El Sahly, known as sherifelsahly on the platform, is known for his random facts and information that he shares with the public.

With over 2.1 million followers on the platform and growing, the TikTok user can be found making videos about interesting historical facts, optical illusions and unique character details.

For example, some of El Sahly's most viral videos range from ideas such as signs you could be a genius and ways to overcome procrastination.


You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden snake

El Sahly starts off the video by saying "Only four percent of people can find the hidden dog in this kitchen."

He says in the caption himself that it took him five minutes to find.

At first it may look like there isn't a dog in the photo, but if you really focus you may start to notice that it is actually right in front of your eyes.

"Once you find it, comment down below how long it took you to find it and send this to a friend to see if they can find it as well," urges El Sahly.

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Can you find the dog hidden in the kitchen?

It's commonly saidby many that if you can spot the dog, then you may have the eyes of a hawk.

In the trending video, there is a long black carpet in the kitchen towards the bottom of the image.

What many may not know is that if you look hard enough you can spot the black furry creature laying on it.

Many viewers in the comment section had a range of timelines for when they spotted the animal.

"It took me two minutes," one user stated under the video.

Some people took a few minutes, while a few others had a much harder time getting their eyes to adjust to the image.

"It took me 6 hours," another user commented.

In the comment section, majority said they could spot it straight away.

Maybe they do have the eyes of a hawk.

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