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TIGERS are incredibly smart animals that are revered in the wild for their stealth, so can you spot the tigers in this viral video?

If you are able to spot the bobcats hidden in the wild, then you may have the eyes of a hawk.

Non-profit The Wildcat Sanctuary shared on TikTok a video of sly tigers subtly hidden in the high grass of wildlife, which has since gone viral for its optical illusion and educational purposes.

Known on TikTok as wildcatsanctuary, the sanctuary is located in Sandstone, MN, and provides a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspires change to end the wildlife crisis.

The TikTok video was meant to be seen as a word of caution as to how unsafe it is to enter any enclosure with a wildcat.

As the video pans over a field of tall grass, the speaker claims that tigers are instinctive animals who could strike before you even noticed they were there.


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"Can you spot the tiger? Probably not but the tiger can see you," the speaker says at the start of the video.

The speaker in the video emphasizes that no amount of trust can take away an animal's primal instinct.

The viewer is then taken on a journey to four separate locations where they are meant to spot the tiger hiding in each location in the video.

Upon first glance, they may be hard to spot but once the camera zooms in to each position, the tiger becomes visible.

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"Did you spot this cat?" the speaker says as the visual changes to a second wildlife place filled with tall grace.

This would be a great moment for the viewer to briefly pause the video, assess the image, and attempt to spot the second wildcat safely nestled in a hideaway spot in the video.

"Whether or not you did, it's never worth the risk for you or the cat," the speaker says.

The speaker then shows a few more "test"visuals to share a few scenarios where a wild cat could be lurking nearby, such as cuddling up under the base of a tree or laying in a field of tall flowers and grass.

The overall theme of the video is an optical illusion that is meant to both entertain and education its audience about wildlife safety.

"Please remember that the best way to love a wild animal is always from a distance," they state.

The educational video has amassed over 80,000 likes with viewers in the comments expressing their desire for more wildlife safety content.

"Make this a series! Fun and educating," one viewer commented.

"Glad I'm finally on no contact big cat sanctuary TikTok!!! I've seen many accounts normalizing petting the cats, not a fan," another added.

"This is the kind of account I can get behind," another expressed.

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