The ‘Thunderstorm’ is the sex position couples are loving and it’ll leave you trembling with pleasure

AS we're sure all those with a thunderstorms phobia will agree, even the slightest amount of rain can leave you feeling faint.

Well if you're looking to tackle your fears once and for all, then you might want to give this steamy sex position a go.

And it's bound to leave you trembling… but in a good way this time.

Aptly named "The Thunderstorm", this move involves the woman leaning over a table while standing on her tip-toes with her legs apart.

Granted, this sex position is much easier for us girls – as the man has to stand behind and lift his leg up onto the table.

While you grip onto the table for support, your partner holds onto your waist while you rock back and forth together.

And trust us, you're guaranteed to forget all about the thunder and lighting outside.

For more ways to spice up things in the bedroom, The Fixer is perfect for make-up sex while the Throwback Thursday is ideal for when you're feeling lazy.

For more relationship stories, this woman caught her boyfriend cheating after spotting unusual ‘physical activity’ on his FitBit at 4am.

From early morning sex to dirty texting – what speeds up or slows down your orgasm.

Plus this furious girlfriend was slammed for ‘tacky’ sign moaning she’s gone 3,058 days without a proposal.

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The Nike Air Max Verona has dropped TODAY and here's where to buy it

NIKE have launched their latest must have trainer, the Air Max Verona and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

The new shoe has been designed with women in mind and is available to buy from today – we're expecting it to be everywhere this summer.

Featuring striking colours and imitable seam patterns, Nike have developed the Verona especially for women, giving it a more feminine look.

  • Nike Air Max Verona, from £104.99, Footlocker – buy here

The Air Max Verona is available from now, and will cost you £104.99 and comes in four eye-catching colourways.

Nike say their "new Air Max Verona from Nike makes women's hearts beat faster", and they're not wrong – it's gone straight to the top of our summer wish list.

It's available in sizes 3.5 to 9.5 and comes in four colours, Barely Rose-Stone Mauve-Vachetta Tan, Plum Chalk-Black-Oracle, White-Blue, and White-Red-Purple.

The new feminine design is perfect for gals who love the original Air Max but want a lighter look, and comfort for everyday wear.

The Verona features a material mix of soft leather, and airy textile, with a comfortable fit, with visible air cushioning and a raised foam heel.

We're pairing the Verona with cute summer dresses, and lockdown luxe joggers and cute tops this summer for a sporty, casual and modern look.

The Nike Air Max Verona is available now from Footlocker for £104.99.

Topshop unveiled the new 2020 ‘it’ dress Willow and it’s perfect for effortless summer dressing.

Plus Fearne Cotton launched her Yoga range for Sweaty Betty and it looks amazing.

And cult favourite Vans have launched their Neon Collection – and here’s where you can buy them.

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I Didn't Know I Needed an Enzyme Cleanser Until I Found This One From Dr. Barbara Sturm

I Didn’t Know I Needed an Enzyme Cleanser Until I Found This One From Dr. Barbara Sturm

Finding a face wash that makes my skin feel clean but not too clean has always been a challenge. I like the deep-clean feeling when using grainy or chemical exfoliants, yet sometimes they are too harsh, leaving my skin tight afterward. Even though I have regular cream and gel cleansers I love, once I was introduced to this Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Enzyme Cleanser, I couldn’t imagine my beauty routine without it.

I usually associate foaming powders with cleaning my bathroom, not cleaning my face in my bathroom, but I’m a total convert to this powdery texture now. I had heard rave reviews of Dr. Barbara Sturm products in the past, yet what really drew me to sample the Darker Skin Tones line was its connection to Angela Bassett. After all, this line was developed in partnership with the actress, and if my skin could look half as good as hers does, I was already halfway sold.

Sure, it may be too soon to tell how my skin will look in my 60s, but it’s not too soon to realize how good it feels and looks right now. In fact, I like this product so much, I was inspired to give myself a little chemistry lesson. Learn what this Dr. Barbara Sturm cleanser does (and see how foamy it gets) ahead.

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Incoming Kylie Cosmetics CEO Exited Weeks Before Forbes Questioned Kylie Jenner's Business Financials

"What am i even waking up to. i thought this was a reputable site.. all i see are a number of inaccurate statements and unproven assumptions lol. i’ve never asked for any title or tried to lie my way there EVER. period," she began her Twitter response. "…even creating tax returns that were likely forged” that’s your proof? so you just THOUGHT they were forged? like actually what am i reading."

Jenner concluded her Twitter clap back by saying she's going to focus on the all the positive things in her life: "Okay i am blessed beyond my years, i have a beautiful daughter, and a successful business and i’m doing perfectly fine. i can name a list of 100 things more important right now than fixating on how much money i have."

In an official statement exclusively obtained by PEOPLE, Jenner's attorney Michael Kump says after reviewing Forbes' article accusing the star of "engaging in deceit and a 'web of lies' to inflate her net worth," he can confirm it is "filled with outright lies."

RELATED: Kylie Jenner Sells Majority Stake of Kylie Cosmetics to Coty for $600 Million

"Forbes’ accusation that Kylie and her accountants 'forged tax returns' is unequivocally false and we are demanding that Forbes immediately and publicly retract that and other statements. It is sad that, of all things, Forbes has devoted three reporters to investigate the effect of the coronavirus crisis on Kylie’s net worth," Kump says in the statement shared with PEOPLE. "We would not expect that from a supermarket tabloid, much less from Forbes."

Coty declined PEOPLE's request for comment on the Forbes report.

Forbes responded to Jenner’s comments with a statement from chief communications officer Matt Hutchison: “Today’s extensively-reported investigation was triggered by newly-filed documents that revealed glaring discrepancies between information privately supplied to journalists and information publicly supplied to shareholders. Our reporters spotted the inaccuracies and spent months uncovering the facts. We encourage the attorney to re-read the article.”

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From snapping off broccoli to switching labels – supermarket staff reveal the sneaky things shoppers do to get a bargain

A SUPERMARKET manager has lifted the lid on sneaky ways customers try to cheat the system in getting a bargain. 

This comes after a store realised customers were snapping off the end of broccoli stalks to decrease the weight and cost. 

Mike, who used to be a manager of a supermarket in Australia, revealed any attempts to undercut the price by sneaky customers were no different to stealing. 

He told that one of the most common scams he witnessed was shoppers pulling off discount stickers and adding them to other items.

The manager said that policy meant the supermarket had to honour the discounted rate – so customers would walk away with bargain products. 

To combat this, they started adding product codes to discount stickers so they could identify which food item it was originally stuck too. 

However, this led to a “constant game of cat and mouse”, as customers will pull the details off the sticker.

Other scams include poking holes in packaging like cereal boxes in order to claim a damage discount. 

Often Mike said he was able to spot suspect customers on CCTV as they would be hunched over products in an abnormal fashion. 

Another supermarket manager said people would also rip stems off tomatoes to make them cheaper, and the bottom of the vegetable crates would be lined with trusses that “hadn’t just fallen off spontaneously.”

He added that his supermarket had bags with a plastic insert at the bottom to help maintain the structure, and people would hide bars of chocolate underneath. 

If they were ever caught red-handed, they would claim the snack had slipped under there by accident. 

Other cheeky customers would eat fruit as they shopped, such as bananas, and then just weigh the peel when it was time to pay. 

Alternatively, they would select the largest piece of fruit to eat, and then select a smaller piece to weigh as a substitute instead, saying it was similar in weight. 

Mike added: "Over a course of a year some of these people were getting away with hundreds of dollars through their cheap little tricks. It’s essentially stealing."

Previously, an Aldi shopper shared a clever hack that makes packing groceries a lot easier.

Meanwhile, a Channel 5 documentary has revealed the secrets behind the success of the budget supermarket.

Plus, we’ve rounded up our best Aldi tips for maximising your money-saving potential including the best times to shop.

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Women more likely to binge drink as hormones give greater buzz from booze, experts claim – The Sun

WOMEN are more likely to be binge drinkers as their hormones give a greater buzz from booze, experts say.

Fluctuating levels of the female sex hormone oestrogen respond to ­alcohol by activating dopamine — the chemical that gives the brain its feelgood factor.

In a study on mice, neuroscientists found alcohol was more rewarding to the female rodents than the males.

But when oestrogen receptors were reduced in the females, so was the feelgood factor.

Women will consume less alcohol than men over an average lifetime but figures show they are more likely to suffer from problem drinking.

As a result, they are also more susceptible to alcohol-related illnesses as well as bodily harm, a study said.

US researchers from the University of Illinois said ­hormonal differences may be why women are more likely to see a boozing habit “spiral” into binge drinking.

Psychiatrist Amy Lasek said: “If alcohol drinking is higher during times when oestrogen levels are elevated, this can contribute to both the health risks of alcohol drinking and increase the likelihood of developing severe alcohol drinking problems.”

The study suggests that women could be treated with gender-specific treatments for alcohol disorders caused by binge drinking.

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A Few Short Runs Helped Kickstart This Guy's 114-Pound Weight Loss Transformation

In January 2015, I was 286 pounds, living in Baku, Azerbaijan, and had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

I was disappointed in myself and scared about what this meant for my family. I had a 4-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son who would soon be entering university. What would happen to them if I didn’t get this under control?

My doctor insisted I begin taking medication immediately to bring my blood sugar levels under control. I was reluctant to take insulin because I feared it would become a crutch, a way for me to avoid making the necessary lifestyle changes I had to make. And I knew that if I didn’t make these immediate changes, I was facing a very uncertain future with all of the horrible complications that diabetes can cause.

So many people suffer from illnesses over which they have no control. I really felt that type 2 diabetes was something that could be controlled through diet and exercise, but I had to do something because it was basically now or never. I gave myself three months to get my levels down through diet and exercise.

Truth be told, I began running because it was something I could do outside, early in the mornings, where no one could see me. I first gave it a shot in February 2015 with the goal of running 500 meters. Well, I ran perhaps 400 meters, stumbled the last 100, and nearly passed out. I spent the next 10 minutes on my hands and knee, and suffered the embarrassment of having a security guard in the park check on my wellbeing. I barely got home on my own.

Despite the rough start, I kept at it, and I was surprised at how much easier it got every day. By the middle of March, I was comfortably running an 8K at an easy 10:42 per mile pace.

I started an extremely low-carb diet, and with that, running, and yoga, I was shocked at my weight loss. In the first month, I lost 20 pounds, then another 20 the second month. By the third month, my blood sugar levels were down to a normal and I had lost 65 pounds.

By October of that year, I was down to 165 pounds when I participated in my first half marathon in Tblisi, Georgia. So in 10 months, I had lost 121 pounds.

But I did not feel healthy at that weight: My low-carb diet made running difficult. I gradually worked my way back up to 172, where I remain today, by eating a more balanced diet, including a reasonable amount of carbohydrates.

I feel so much better now that I am at a comfortable weight for my height and age. The things I remember from being my heaviest are the backaches, headaches, having to roll myself out of bed in the morning, and not being able to play on the floor with my daughter. I don’t ever want to go back to that.

Now, the backaches and headaches have gone, and I’m able to roll around and play with my daughter. My quality of life has changed dramatically.

For anyone who wants to go on this path, it won’t be easy. Honestly, everyone is different, and has to find their own path. However, I believe strongly in setting attainable, incremental goals. Stick to the goals as much as possible (while listening to your body) and reward yourself when you hit your targets. This was really something that has kept me moving forward.

From: Runner’s World US

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These 11 Transgender Models Are Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

These 11 Transgender Models Are Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

You’ve seen their faces and you’ve seen their campaigns, but soon these transgender models will become well-known industry names — if they aren’t already. Even before Hunter Schafer became the fashion world’s darling, these models were owning catwalks and campaigns. As the fashion industry books more and more diverse models, we anticipate seeing more of these faces. Ahead are 11 transgender models who are changing the modeling game.

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Diet Coke addiction left me weighing 17st and a ‘fat, lazy person in leggings’ – The Sun

A CARER mum who guzzled more than a litre of Diet Coke every day has lost over 5st by ditching fizzy drinks and snacks.

Kate Harding, from Bourne, Lincs, started piling on the pounds after a motorbike accident left her husband Carl paralysed 20 years ago.

The 49-year-old became his full-time carer and later for her teenage son Harry, who has cerebral palsy.

Their complex needs left Kate with little time to look after herself so she turned to sugar fixes like Diet Coke and family-size bars of chocolate to get her through her days.

At her heaviest in October 2018, she weighed 17st 1lb and was a dress size 20.

Now down to 11st 7lbs – a trim size 12 – Kate credits her weight loss to the 1-1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and has even become a consultant herself.

“Food was my solace,” she admits. “Whenever I was feeling sad I wanted to put something sugary or stodgy in my mouth.

“I drank litres of Diet Coke during the day – the caffeine kept me running.

"Then at night I numbed myself with bottles of wine.”

Kate was a newlywed with a baby on the way when Carl’s motorbike was involved in a head-on collision with a car driving on the wrong side of the road in 1996.

Three months pregnant with their first child, she sat at her husband’s bedside in intensive care and willed him to survive.

Carl fractured his spine, ribs, wrists, punctured both lungs and suffered a head injury.

He was left paralysed from the chest down and spent more than a year in hospital.

“Luckily he was in a wheelchair by the time our son Sam, now 22, was born so he was able to be with me at the birth,” Kate says.

“But it was an incredibly tough time.

“I moved in with my parents, Steven and Diana Brereton Martin, for support, and spent every day shuttling to and from hospital.

Whenever I popped out I picked something up and wolfed it down guiltily in my car

“That was when I first began to comfort eat.

"I’d always been proud of my trim figure, but with my husband paralysed from the chest down, my appearance was the least of my worries.

“I survived on snacks from the hospital vending machines and canteen sandwiches loaded with mayo.

"The stress gave me terrible reflux so on my way home I’d stop at McDonald’s for a vanilla milkshake.”

The couple slowly rebuilt their lives and began trying to grow their family.

But it took eight years and six attempts at IVF before their second son Harry came along in 2005.

Throughout it all Kate comfort ate and yoyo dieted.

“Our second son, Harry, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was just a toddler,” says Kate.

“Not only was looking after my husband, but now I was Harry’s carer too.

“Because Carl is in his wheelchair everything physical in our house fell to me; from taking the bins out to lifting, bathing and bending to Harry.

“The only thing that kept me going was oodles of Diet Coke.

"I necked litres of the stuff, bouncing from one sugar hit to the next.

“What I put in my mouth became my solstice. I stuffed myself with handfuls of biscuits and bars of chocolate – Whispas and Mars were my favourite.

"Whenever I popped out I picked something up and wolfed it down guiltily in my car, telling myself calories don’t count if nobody sees you eating them.”

Soon Kate was wearing size 20 clothes.

She recalls: “Standing in a queue at the shops one day, I heard a girl behind me saying snidely: ‘Oh I’m not getting those – leggings are for fat lazy people’.

“I looked down, and of course I was wearing a pair of black leggings.

"The only things stretchy enough to go over my huge tummy.”

As Harry grew into a teenager caring for him became harder and harder.

Kate was out of breath putting her own socks on – never mind Harry’s.

“Sweat was lashing off me by the time I’d got him out of bed, nappy changed, transferred to his chair and dressed each morning,” she says.

“Sometimes I even needed a second shower.”

Life-changing moment

In October 2018 something inside Kate finally snapped, and she made an appointment with a local Cambridge consultant Vicky Holder. That meeting changed her life.

“Following the plan was so simple – the shakes, soups and other products meant I didn’t even have to think about food,” she explains.

“For the first time, I felt free of the compulsion to comfort eat.

For the first time, I felt free of the compulsion to comfort eat

“No more snacking… no more Mars bars… no more Diet Coke.

“The weight literally fell away. I lost 1st 7lbs in my first month. My confidence grew as my waistline shrank.”

Kate lost an incredible five-and-a-half stone in just five months – and was able to throw away her black leggings.

“The biggest change has been my ability to care,” she says.

“Harry is 15 now and he also has indicators of autism, so looking after him is a full time job and it’s only going to get tougher.

“The new slimmer me finds it so much easier to bend to him, lift him, bathe him and change him.

"I also have energy left at the end of the day to enjoy time with Carl, or treat myself to a facepack or bubble bath.

“And I’ve become a 1-1 Diet Cambridge Weight Plan consultant myself.

"Fitting my meetings around my responsibilities to help others lose weight has given me a whole new lease of life.

“I’ve realised that you can’t care for the people around you if you don’t properly care for yourself.

"And now I’m confident that I’ll be around to look after my boys for a long time to come.”

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Family build swimming pool in their back garden using hay bales

A FAMILY have built a swimming pool in their back garden using hay bales, and it's the perfect lockdown project.

Farmer Ed Sealey, 32, lined the makeshift pool's base with the blocks and covered them with a plastic silage sheet.

Ed, from Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset, came up with the plan with his pal Jon "after a few beers".

He said: "It just goes to show that you don't need a lot of money to have a fun time — just a great idea and great friends."

But the new garden feature wasn't without a few hurdles, as the plan failed first-time round.

Ed said: "We started the long process of filling the old girl up.

"It took some six hours —but then, unfortunately, the sides split.

"We had a few more beers and came to the conclusion we needed to strengthen the sides.

"So we spent another six hours filling the old girl up and it was ready."

Of course, Ed has a steady supply of hay bales.

But for those of us who aren't farmers, you can pick them up on eBay from £1.50 – just be prepared to collect them yourself.

Yesterday, one mum shared her delight after buying a huge £20 pool from Home Bargains that takes up the entire garden – and is ideal this sunny weekend.

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