What does the Ace of Pentacles tarot card mean?

ALL of the aces in tarot signify new beginnings and potential. The Ace of Pentacles in particular refers to material possessions, including career, finances, and manifestations. What does the Ace of Pentacles tarot card mean? Receiving the Ace of Pentacles

Who is Amanda Staveley?

AMANDA Staveley is a British businesswoman who had a key role in the Saudi-Arabia consortium buyout of Newcastle United. Staveley has strong Middle Eastern connections and been involved with the purchase of Manchester City and a large investment in Barclays

Bezos Reaches for a Star

On the morning of Oct. 16, William Shatner, best known for his role as the Star Trek franchise’s original Captain Kirk, will take a seat atop the New Shepard suborbital launch vehicle, built by Blue Origin, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’

Sex, Drugs and Roller Skates

LOS ANGELES — “Do you want to skate?” Liberty Ross said, opening a door on a closet full of ankle-height quad skates with boots in all sizes and assorted animal patterns. We were standing in an unlikely Aladdin’s Cave set

A Fresh Perspective on Downtown Youth Culture

Name: Marie Tomanova Age: 36 Hometown: Mikulov, Czech Republic, a castle-laden town near the Austrian border. Now Lives: In a one-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with her husband, Thomas Beachdel, an art historian and curator. Claim

Love Letter: OkCupid Saved My Marriage

Gayle Brandeis, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay, wasn’t sure if her marriage could rebound from her obsession with another man. However, a glimmer of hope arrived in the form of an unexpected 98 percent match on a

Angel number 777 – What does it mean?

WHEN you feel an overwhelming connection to the spiritual realm, you’re probably also noticing triple 7’s everywhere. The incomprehensible truth is you're feeling misguided right now, but you’re leaning toward a more fulfilled life and are being watched by an