What Should Happen to Our Data When We Die?

The new Anthony Bourdain documentary, “Roadrunner,” is one of many projects dedicated to the larger-than-life chef, writer and television personality. But the film has drawn outsize attention, in part because of its subtle reliance on artificial intelligence technology. Using several

Love Letter: Redefining a Long-Term Hookup

Although the allure of a casual encounter often hangs on the notion of a carefree entanglement, there are actually some rules when it comes to hooking up. Top of the list is keeping your involvement brief. When Sheila Ongwae, the

A Momentous Crush Goes the Distance

Chloe Renfro Snow had an all-out crush on Jai Roberto Lakhanpal in 2009. She would tape a note that said “Jai’s seat” with hearts and squiggles about once a week to an empty seat next to hers in their ninth

No In-Law Jokes for These Two

Alexis Joondeph-Breidbart let Ryan Linden know before their first date that if he wanted to win her over, he should come armed with better-than-average conversational skills. “The first thing she said to me when we met on Hinge was, ‘You

Promising to Love, Honor and Remain Quirky

Six weeks after Dr. Lauren Grossman and Glenn Kramon were introduced by mutual friends via email in November 2015, they had not yet spoken to each other, though they were undeniably smitten with one another. “She had a big mind,”