Net-a-Porter Suspends All Shopping Services in U.S., Europe and the Middle East Due to Coronavirus

Luxury retailer Net-a-Porter, a beloved online shopping outpost offering brands ranging from Chanel to Ganni, announced Friday morning that they would be temporarily shutting down warehouses in the United States and Europe, effectively ceasing service for a majority of the

All You Need For This Standing Core Crusher Is 2 Water Bottles

Pre-coronavirus pandemic, your workouts might have featured high-end equipment and machines. Or maybe you’re more old school, opting for well-worn barbells and rusty plates that have had their share of clanging and banging. However you trained then, the social-distancing and

Can honey really clear up eczema?

It might seem like the strangest (and stickiest) thing you could possibly put on your skin, but honey might actually be a powerful, natural eczema treatment. Considering there’s no cure for the prevalent skin condition — despite numerous products on