Here's What Happened When Hannah Ann Sluss & Madison Prewett Reunited

There’s no bad blood between Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett. On Thursday night, The Bachelor finalists surprised Bachelor Nation fans when they reunited during an Instagram Live, proving that they’ve moved on from all the drama caused by their relationships with Peter

Inside the world's largest bike garage in Utrecht

Wheel-y impressive! Inside the world’s largest bike garage – a vast three-storey subterranean facility with parking spots for 12,500 bicycles and 1,200-metres of lanes The world’s most enormous bike garage is located in the Dutch city of Utrecht below its

Coronavirus is shining a light on the wretched universal credit system

British governments are notoriously bad at recognising a crisis until it impacts them, or their class, directly. London’s pioneering sanitation system was not developed until the cholera epidemics of the early 19th century had reached parliament’s windows, with the “Great

What really causes canker sores?

Canker sores are small, they can be white or yellowish, and they can hurt like nobody’s business, making it challenging to eat, talk, or drink. They can range in size, being smaller than one millimeter or as big as an