'Counting On’: Some Call on Critics to Stop Reporting the Daughters' Influencer Deals: 'It's Their Chance At Freedom'

The Duggar women have been posting advertisements more and more on their social media profiles. The women don’t hold regular jobs, but they are evidently still looking for ways to make money. And since they all have nearly (or more than) one million followers, Instagram advertising seems like a good opportunity.

Almost every time a Duggar gets a deal, though, people shame the company for working with such close-minded people (the Duggars openly oppose gay marriage and abortion). However, some fans are calling for critics to stop getting in the way.

The Duggars have advertised several brands

These days, Instagram advertising is one of the most important ways that companies can build their brands. Businesses often hire “influencers” to run marketing campaigns on their Instagram pages. A typical influencer’s following can range from anywhere 1,000 followers to millions.

The Duggar women’s follower counts are anywhere from several hundred thousand to more than a million, and they’ve advertised a few different brands. From skincare to audiobooks, they’ve pretty much all become involved with at least one influencer deal.

Jinger Duggar has had a very hard time keeping influencer deals

Jinger Duggar, who has the third-highest following behind her sisters Jessa and Jill, has been working hard to set up some influencer deals ever since she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, move to Los Angeles last year. However, Duggar has run several promotions that have been cancelled due to complaints from the show’s customers.

Fonuts, Rebecca Minkoff, and Ruggable all pulled their ads with the TLC star after fans complained that they didn’t agree with Duggar’s personal beliefs. It seems that every time she gets a deal, it falls through because of who she is.

Some are calling on people to stop reporting the deals

Though many people adore the Duggars, there are quite a few who criticize their beliefs. But some have called on people to stop reporting the Duggars to various companies because it’s the girls’ only sense of making a meaningful financial contribution. “The thing about leaving a cult is that it takes years to deprogram. Jim Bob Duggar raised the kids to fear the world. When we call them bigots, we become what they fear. Please let the girls work by not disrupting their influencer deals. It’s their chance at freedom,” Without a Crystal Ball, a popular podcast, posted to its Twitter.

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Critics responded with mixed reviews

One Reddit user posted the tweet to a new thread, and people had varying opinions on the idea. “I have never understood why they are punished for being victimized. Jinger and Jill are definitely not pushing the agenda. Allowing them to move on gives the others hope,” someone wrote, agreeing with the tweet. “… The Duggars purposely stunted their kids and completely deprived them of an education… I doubt any of the adult kids would be able to find a job,” someone else wrote in agreement.

“F*ck their attempts at “being influencers”. Theirbeliefs are more than enough evidence that they shouldn’t be“influencing” anyone,” someone wrote in disagreement with the tweet. “They’renot going to learn if we cover up their bigoted ways. They need to be calledout on it,” another user wrote. It seems that people had mixed opinions on theDuggars’ influencer lifestyles, and it looks like both sides make fair points.Time will tell if the ladies will ever be able to not have an influencer deal go wrong.

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'A Quiet Place Part II' Will Feature the Surprising Return of John Krasinski's Character

To many fans, John Krasinski will always be Jim Halpert from The Office. But Krasinski went a long way toward kickstarting an entirely new phase of his career with A Quiet Place.

The film didn’t mark his directorial debut or even his first serious role. But its $340 million worldwide box office suddenly made Krasinski a filmmaker to watch, especially in the horror space.

To the surprise of many fans, the first film’s co-writer, director, and star is back in A Quiet Place Part II. Here’s how Krasinski returns for the sequel, which once again sees him starring opposite real-life wife Emily Blunt.

‘A Quiet Place’ was never supposed to start a new franchise

Whenever a horror movie hits it big, it’s become almost cliché for that success to inspire an endless parade of sequels. After all, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees have appeared in a total of 30 movies since the late 1970s. But A Quiet Place, as Krasinski admits, was never meant to lead to any sequels.

In fact, he and Blunt were initially dead-set against the idea of making a sequel in the first place. When inspiration struck, Krasinski decided to return as writer/director for A Quiet Place Part II. Yet, that didn’t automatically mean the actor would return on-screen as well. The way the first film ended set Blunt up to take the spotlight going forward.

Now that Krasinski has expanded his initial vision out to include at least one sequel, he’s even looking to what might come next. Since the second film hasn’t even been released yet, A Quiet Place Part III is far from a sure thing. But fans of the first film won’t have to wonder if Krasinski is game for a third go-round if commercial success strikes twice.

John Krasinski’s character does return for the sequel

Because of the sci-fi elements at play, A Quiet Place Part II probably could have found a way to rationalize a bunch of story directions. Nevertheless, the sequel doesn’t hunt for loopholes or retcon anything that happened at the end of the first film. Krasinski’s character, Lee Abbott — who sacrificed himself in A Quiet Place to save his children — is indeed dead.

In a recent guest spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Krasinski said his return wasn’t a matter of ego. Rather, his character’s reappearance has more to do with storytelling than anything else. Since A Quiet Place already begins in a post-apocalyptic world, fans get little sense of what life was like before. But the sequel uses flashbacks to explore that period.

In fact, a critical flashback sequence set just as all hell breaks loose not only gives Krasinski the chance to reprise his role. Its conception helped him win over Blunt, who takes center stage in that scene and throughout A Quiet Place Part II. Once she understood what Krasinski had in mind, the actress recognized the potential in continuing to follow the Abbott family.

‘A Quiet Place Part II’ finally hits theaters on Sept. 4, 2020

Of course, fans eagerly awaiting A Quiet Place Part II will have to wait a bit longer before its release. Paramount originally planned on sending the film out to theaters on March 20, 2020. But that changed just a week before its planned release date.

But the coronavirus pandemic led the studio to abandon those plans. For the time being, A Quiet Place Part II has shifted over to a Sept. 4, 2020 release. Provided it sticks to this date, Krasinski’s film will kick off the fall movie season, finally rewarding fans’ patience.

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'Better Call Saul': Bob Odenkirk Can't Remember What Happens Each Season

On Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) has an answer for everything. He remembers every detail and holds onto it for the most advantageous moment. That’s all acting, because Odenkirk himself says he can’t even remember what’s already happened on the show.

Odenkirk was a guest on The Better Call Saul Insider Podcast that posted on March 31, following the airing of the episode “JMM.” Odenkirk shared how he struggles to remember his own show. Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Bob Odenkirk had to ask what happened in Season 4 of ‘Better Call Saul’

At the time Odenkirk recorded the podcast, he was getting ready to attend the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with him there too. What wasn’t apparent from his TCA appearance was that Odenkirk had brushed up on the story through Season 4, to make sure he didn’t spoil Season 5 of Better Call Saul early.

I was just writing an e-mail last week to my PR reps about how we’re going to do the TCA, where we promote the show for Season 5 and how I don’t remember anything. Also, I said not only that, I don’t remember Season 4. So I need an update on 4 so that I can talk to people about where it is before Season 5 starts and not make a mistake and accidentally talk about something that I shot in Season 5 thinking you’ve already seen it in Season 4 because I haven’t seen Season 4 a second time yet. And I haven’t seen any of Season 5.

Filming ‘Better Call Saul’ mixes up the story too

Odenkirk has a lot on his mind while filming Better Call Saul. Every time he films one scene, he has to remember the lines for his next scene. Plus, Better Call Saul films scenes out of order so they can film every scene at a given location at once. That jumbles his memory of the overall Better Call Saul story too.

“When you’re acting it, you’re obviously doing it out of order because you can’t shoot in order,” Odenkirk said. “Some things are done that way but rarely. We could certainly not do it. We’re lucky to shoot one episode at a time. Some TV shows have to shoot two at a time and then that really scrambles your brain in the journey of the character. It really can be hard to remember what the hell happened in the right order.”

At least Bob Odenkirk’s short memory makes him a better actor

Odenkirk’s memory may be a disadvantage when it comes time to discuss Better Call Saul. It works to his advantage when he’s playing Saul though. He’s not thinking about all the scenes he’s already shot. He’s only thinking about what scene he’s in right now, like most people are when they go through real life.

“I don’t know if I had a lot of concussions as a child,” Odenkirk joked. “I don’t think I did but if you did, you might not remember having them. One of the great things about acting is the goal is to be in the moment, so it’s really kind of helpful if you’re a shallow person.”

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'RHONY': Kristen Taekman Live-Tweeted During the First Episode, Now Fans Want Her Back

The Real Housewives of New York City alum Kristen Taekman live-tweeted along with the cast during the season 12 premiere. Fans loved Taekman’s interaction so much that many begged for her to return to the series.

“Andy!!! We want Kristen back. Next season 7 girls,” one person tweeted during the episode. Another fan tweeted, “I think @KristenTaekman would fit well in the group at this point.”

Several people asked Taekman if she’d ever consider returning to the series. “Honest question…. would you come back, if given the opportunity?” Taekman replied with a few emojis, but for the most part, it appears she’d be open to at least making an appearance.

Taekman had fun with the first episode

The current cast geared up to live-tweet during the premiere and Taekman mentioned she was going to join the crew with comments throughout the episode. She got ready for the first episode with a nice glass of red wine. “I’m ready! What are you all drinking tonight!? Red or White?”

She added, “Super excited to watch #rhony season premiere tonight! I’ll be live tweeting so tweet me!” One person immediately wrote, “WE NEED YOU BACK ONCE TINSLEY LEAVES.” Taekman seemed to be taken aback and didn’t realize that Mortimer was leaving the show. “Is @TinsleyMortimer leaving!? Noo she is awesome!!! They neeeed her ! She’s the only young one !” she responded.

As the episode unfolded, Taekman made a few observations. “Yey!! @CountessLuann congratulations!!” she wrote when Luann de Lesseps announced she was finished with her probation. “#[email protected]” She also seems to love newcomer Leah McSweeney. “Seems like Leah is the perfect new edition to #[email protected] love her!” she wrote. Taekman also went in with the play by play throughout the episode too. “Dick fishing!? ” she wrote for Morgan. Plus she threw in, “Great tag lines ladies.”

She shared what it was to go on one of the infamous ‘girls trips’

Taekman dished with Showbiz Cheat Sheet in October about what a girls trip with the cast was really like. “Really just the silly fighting for rooms,” she laughed. “I don’t think anybody else does that. I guess I just feel like everybody else is just a little bit more mature than those ladies?”

“My experience with that was to just let them do their thing,” she recalled. “I was happy to have a smaller room off to the side away from all the drama because I’m not really that kind of a girl.”

She also recalled the infamous trip to Montana too. “It was the best worst trip of my life,” she laughed. “And it was the most beautiful setting, beautiful countryside and they just couldn’t stop complaining. It was just insane,” she continues. “They needed a butler, and they needed this and they needed that.” 

Taekman added that the cast is exactly who viewers see on the show too.  “They are exactly as they are on camera as they are off,” she said. “Like I can think of two of the girls that I bumped into last winter at an event, and they were just exactly how they were on camera. I mean, to the point where you almost wanted to say, ‘You know they’re not filming.’”

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'KUWTK': Why Some People 'Feel Bad' For Caitlyn Jenner While Watching Old Episodes of the Show

Through the years before her transition, Caitlyn Jenner was a steady presence on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She wasn’t a fan favorite in those days, and when her and Kris Jenner’s relationship finally ended in divorce things only became more difficult. 

It’s now been nearly five years since Caitlyn Jenner transitioned, and as time passed fans have started to look back with a different perspective. While most people don’t have as much animosity toward Kris as Jenner’s mother does, is it possible that they were misjudging Caitlyn Jenner all those years? Perhaps her insecurity about her gender identity came out in painful ways. 

Caitlyn Jenner was often made fun of

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Through the years on KUWTK, Caitlyn was often the butt of family jokes. When she introduced herself in the pilot episode, she said: “I am a pushover for my family.” At different times Kris complained that she was “boring” and “dresses like a grandpa.”

It was fairly common for Caitlyn to be presented as fussy and uninteresting. Viewers often found her somewhat unpleasant, especially compared to the glamorous and drama-bound women in the family. 

Things got complicated…and then more complicated

Of course, when the Jenners divorced the family dynamics became more complicated. Shortly after that time, Caitlyn came out as transgender, which caused even more upheaval.

Eventually, the family seemed to work their way through these issues and find a new normal.

But then Caitlyn released her memoir, The Secrets of My Life. The family, particularly Kris, didn’t appreciate the revelations that were included and accused Caitlyn of lying to make them look bad. Different members of the family took different sides of the issue. 

Looking back, things seem a little different

Recently a fan posted on Reddit about something she noticed while re-watching old episodes. Knowing what she knows now about Caitlyn, she saw the family dynamics a little differently. 

“Currently on season 7 where Bruce/Cait is feeling unappreciated and left out,” she commented. “Not long before they separated. It would feel kind of awful to be step father for over twenty years and working to support the family and then all of sudden the family gets successful and kind if starts ignoring you. Looking back it just seems kind of sad and all the while she was in the closet with her gender identity.”

At least one commenter agreed, saying, “I see it now as her struggling with herself and projecting that to deal.”

Knowing now that she was struggling to accept herself, some viewers had more sympathy for how Caitlyn behaved — up to a point. As one person mentioned, some of Caitlyn’s negative behavior on the show could be explained by her insecurity and how she was treated, but that doesn’t excuse her tell-all book. 

“They (mostly Kris) definitely mistreated Bruce,” one fan pointed out. “I don’t blame her for feeling some resentment towards Kris, but she still shouldn’t have published a lot what she said about them in the book or in a Vanity fair interview.”

Caitlyn gets more sympathy now

It seems that at least some fans of KUWTK view Caitlyn’s relationship with the family with more compassion. Recently she appeared on the reality show I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! When she was eliminated viewers were stunned to see that no one from the family met her on the bridge, as people usually do for their loved ones. 

For some people that looked like a snub, and they were not having it. People called for a boycott of their show and products. Although Caitlyn has said that the drama was overblown and she never asked or expected her family to be there, it seems that there’s a new mood in the air. 

Caitlyn may not have always put her best foot forward, but when you look back on what she’s gone through she may not be the one whose behavior is hardest to take. 

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Saturday Kitchen viewers cringe at 'awkward' live show as hosts admit they're scared they'll run out of conversation

SATURDAY Kitchen viewers were left cringing as host Matt Tebbutt admitted he was scared he'd run out of stuff to talk about on-air when the live show suffered technical issues.

The beloved BBC cooking show got off on the wrong foot when they lost connection to their guests; comedian Tom Allen and resident wine expert Ollie Smith, who appeared via videolink.

Adding to the chaos, Matt appeared lost for words at times as long pauses plagued the live broadcast while acclaimed Irish chef Anna Haugh cooked a breakfast flatbread in studio.

Adhering to social distancing rules, Matt hilariously commented on the comedy errors as he sat down with Anna.

He pleaded with viewers to send in questions as he feared running out of conversation while production attempted to get their guests back on videolink.

Matt began: "It's just us for the next hour, you lucky people. Let us know what you want us to do…".

"Don't forget we want to hear your feel good stories," he later continued. "Please send them in because we're going to run out of conversation pretty soon and we want to photos of what you've been cooking."

Ten minutes on, Matt once again admitted they were still struggling to get their guests back.

He shared: "Still lost Ollie and Tom, our internet appears to be down but we're still endeavouring to get them back up."

Adding to the hilarity, Anna begged: "Please come back soon so I don't have to just talk to you."

The hilarity of the situation was branded "awkward" by viewers, who took to Twitter in their droves.

One penned: "The level of awkwardness in today's social distance @SaturdayKitchen is giving me absolute life."

"How awkward is this 🙂🙂 #saturdaykitchen," another shared. "This #saturdaykitchen on tv has a very awkward vibe going on… 🤔🤣".

A fourth observed: "@SaturdayKitchen poor Matt is literally dying with nothing to say to the chef!

"I can see the pain and strain in his eyes and having to deal with this ! Totally awkward and quite amusing to watch".

"Saturday Kitchen is so weird with (the necessary) social distancing," another viewer wrote. "Poor Matt doesn’t know what to do with himself.

"'It's just us two for the next hour. Please send your questions as we’re going to run out of conversation.' The honest,slightly edgy anxiety is palpable/reassuring."

Despite the chaos of the beginning, Matt and Anna were praised for their witty banter while the pair tasted each other's food and sipped on complementing wines, with one viewer branding it the 'best episode ever'.

"This show cracks me up!" a viewer shared. "Just what is needed on another Saturday lockdown day…awkward TV at its best #SaturdayKitchen".

A second posted: "Best episode of @SaturdayKitchen ever! I can’t stop laughing with @matt_tebbutt & @Anahaugh. Thank you for brightening our day up in these dark times. Also big love to @tomallencomedy & @jollyolly".

"Saturday kitchen is the best," another added. "Watching Matt Tebbutt getting slowly day drunk whilst the show struggles with tech is very British and the broadcasting that the nation needs right now".

Despite the country currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Saturday Kitchen Live vowed to go ahead while following official guidelines last week.

A BBC spokesperson told The Sun Online: "Saturday Kitchen Live is continuing, closely following guidelines from healthcare officials."

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Kylie Jenner admits she wants SEVEN kids and ‘silent’ lover in candid Instagram chat as she opens up on ‘hard’ pregnancy – The Sun

KYLIE Jenner revealed her motherhood plans in a candid Instagram Live chat confessing she wants six siblings for her firstborn Stormi.

The 22 year old make-up mogul opened up on her intentions for a huge brood yet warned she wasn't ready just yet, as pregnancy is "hard."

Kylie, who sported her stunning natural brunette bob hairstyle, was chatting to pal Stassie Karanikolaou for her #DoYourPart Instagram Live series, filmed while both were in coronavirus-imposed lockdown.

Stassie quizzed on her family plans to add to daughter Stormi, aged two, her tot with Travis Scott – and the KUWTK star's answer may well have surprised some.

She said: "I want seven kids down the line, but not right now.

"Pregnancy is just not a joke, it’s a serious thing and it’s hard, I’m not ready for that just yet."

Kylie split with rapper Travis shortly after Stormi's birth, yet the pair have now secretly reunited.

It is believed they are spending lockdown together in the same home, while The Sun Online revealed Kylie's mum Kris has told Travis to propose after they got back together.

A source told us: "Kris doesn't want anyone jerking her daughters around – she's told Travis to put a ring on it and commit to a second baby.

“Kylie would never put down rules like that, but she's made no secret about wanting another baby and commitment from him.

“She really looks up to Kim and her marriage and big family with Kanye – it's her dream – so Kris is right – he needs to commit!"

Meanwhile, Kylie further opened up on her personal life in the Instagram natter – this time talking about chatting during sex.

She was asked by Stassie: "Would you rather have your partner have a weird accent when having sex or be completely silent?”

Kylie found the question hilarious and replied: “I would rather he be completely silent.”

She added: “Absolutely! I could not handle the weird accent.

“Unless he had a weird accent, like naturally.

"If he had an accent, fine.”

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Casualty spoilers: A shock for Marty as Dylan and Faith get closer

A hungover Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) gets a nasty shock in tonight’s Casualty when he recognises a patient. Danny (Anthony Selwyn) has collapsed, hallucinating, in a shopping centre and is brought into the ED with cuts and bruises – but why does his appearance upset Marty so much?

Jade (Gabriella Leon) realises that something is bothering Marty, and although they haven’t been on good terms recently she’s worried about her friend and reaches out to him with her support – and Marty makes a shocking confession.

We’ve seen fairly subtle signals in previous weeks that there’s an attraction between Dylan (William Beck) and Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) – at least from Dylan’s side. Zsa Zsa picked up on it when Dylan summoned her over from America to operate on Faith and Lev’s son Luka, but so far Dylan has insisted that Faith is just a colleague.

In tonight’s episode David (Jason Durr) notices that Dylan is making a special effort with Faith. Despite his repeated denials, is Dylan falling for her? And how does she feel about him? And we daren’t even speculate on where it might all lead if Lev (Uriel Emil) ever found out.

On the subject of love triangles, following their one night stand Ethan (George Rainsford) is keen to rekindle his romance with new paramedic Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima). Meanwhile Will (Jack Nolan) confides in Ethan that he’s a changed man as he’s met a special someone. How will Ethan react when he discovers that Will’s special someone is his own love interest, Fenisha?


The mother and son whom Will declared to be fit and well last week are back again, and this time Connie (Amanda Mealing) treats the boy. Will she find something that Will missed?

And there’s an elephant on an exercise bike in reception. It’s all in a good cause.

Sue Haasler is the author of five novels and the official BBC Holby City book, which you can read about here.

If you’ve got a soap or TV story, video or pictures get in touch by emailing us [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.

Join the community by leaving a comment below and stay updated on all things soaps at our homepage.

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Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks Slams Gov. for Not Issuing Stay-at-Home Order Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Along with the post was a caption that read, “This picture from World War II, a soldier carrying a donkey. It is not that the soldier loves donkeys or has some sort of perversion. What’s happening is that field is mined and that if the donkey was free to wander as it pleased, it would likely detonate a charge and kill everyone. The moral of the story is that during difficult times the first ones you have to keep under control are the jackasses who don’t understand the danger and do as they please.”

President Donald Trump and his coronavirus task force have decided not to institute a national stay-at-home order as other countries with major outbreaks, like China, Italy and Spain, have done. Instead, they’ve left that decision up to individual states.

Currently, 41 states and Washington D.C. currently have state-wide stay-at-home orders in palace. California was the first to do so, on March 19, and New York and Illinois followed the next day.

As of Friday, there are now at least 244,228 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, the most worldwide.

At least 6,257 people in the U.S. have died from coronavirus-related illness, an increase of 5,000 over the last seven days.

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments. To help provide doctors and nurses on the front lines with life-saving medical resources, donate to Direct Relief here.

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'90 Day Fiancé': Big Ed Shocked By Rose's Home, Fans Shocked By Big Ed

90 Day Fiancé fans have very mixed feelings about Big Ed. Some fans loved him right off the bat for his personality, and still do. Meanwhile, others experienced a souring of their feelings about him as he’s spent more time with Rose. They’ve begun to feel as if Big Ed might have ridiculous standards and expectations of Rose, and that he doesn’t know how to cope with culture shock or seeing true poverty. Now, after a preview of Big Ed’s reaction to Rose’s family home, many fans aren’t too impressed with the 90 Day Fiancé star. 

Big Ed tried to kiss Rose, ‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans didn’t like it

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Love cycling..!

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Big Ed wound up on many fans’ bad sides after a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé. After a disastrous day at the market that left Ed sweaty and disheveled, as well as frustrated with Rose for reaching into his wallet, Big Ed made a big gaffe. 

In a move that shocked Rose, Ed asked her to get an STD test, while at the same time deciding he did not want the same test himself. Rose was understandably upset, as Ed had been harping on her all day, asking her about her past and her connections on social media. 

Big Ed tried to make things up to Rose later on, giving her a perfunctory foot massage. Ed asked Rose what the Tagalog word for kiss was, and then used it to ask Rose for a kiss. Rose did not look thrilled, and it was an awkward moment to say the least. 

Later, Ed told Rose he expects her to shave her legs. Lying down in bed, Ed turned to Rose and said, “Um, don’t be mad at me, but um, I noticed your legs were kind of like mine, they were hairy. Would you shave your legs?” He nodded at her while asking her the question. Rose seemed irritated and surprised by Ed’s request — another in a litany of moments that do not paint Big Ed in a positive light. 

Big Ed visits Rose’s home

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While Ed and Rose have been spending their first days in Manila, that’s not where Rose actually lives. Rose lives further out in a poorer region of the Philippines, and Ed will finally be visiting his 90 Day Fiancé partners’ home. 

However, Ed might not be prepared for the level of poverty he’s about to see. Given his recent requirements of Rose, it may come as no surprise that Ed had a serious reaction to her living situation. 

Ed will also be meeting Rose’s family. Her sister asked Ed for money. Ed explained, “It’s awkward meeting Rose’s sister Maria, because we have this secret. She asked me for money and asked me not to tell Rose. I still don’t know if Rose is involved or not.”

Maria showed Ed the family home, which is in the back of a small store the family runs. The home is open to the outside, without windows, which shocks Ed. Ed expresses concern over bats and bugs, and Rose simply laughs it off. 

Ed explained, “It’s all open up above, and they don’t really have a front door, it’s just kind of a curtain of paper CD covers. It’s all concrete with sheets hanging, covering, I guess to make it more homey. I expected it to be pretty bad, but this is really bad,”

‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans aren’t impressed

While Big Ed does have his diehard fans, many 90 Day Fiancé fans were put off by how Ed addressed Rose’s living conditions.

One Redditor wrote, “Her sister literally looked speechless at his disheveled appearance and bizarre hairdo. Then he makes ‘funny’ comments about their home. What a charmer!”

Another user added, “And second, he looked horrified at Rose’s living conditions. He couldn’t even pretend for her sake that it’s ok? He knows she’s poor but he had to make a comment about there not being windows and flying bugs?? Honestly, even with windows there WILL be flying cockroaches. They are always in hot, humid places. They are sneaky and will randomly scare the shit out of you when you least expect it. That’s just life in a tropical nation. He seriously is so ignorant to developing nations and how people live. It’s incredibly grating and it just pisses me off.”

“It annoyed the hell out of me that he never mentions the beautiful food spread they put out for him. They were all trying to make a good first impression and to make him feel welcome. There were 5 – 6 trays of food on the table which probably cost them a lot of money with them being so poor. Ed makes me feel embarrassed to be an American…,” wrote another viewer.

Others pointed out that it seemed as if Ed had done almost no research on Rose’s culture, and had almost no clue what to expect in the Philippines. One user wrote, “Why does he bow to Rose’s family? Are they Korean? Japanese? She’s from the Philippines, you uncultured swine! Ugh. I can’t stand him. He’s so ignorant.”

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