Fuming Prince Andrew is refusing to socialise with Charles and William for blocking his public comeback | The Sun

ANGRY Prince Andrew is refusing to socialise with Charles and William for blocking his public comeback. And his fury is throwing into turmoil the Royal Family’s summer get-together at Balmoral. There are fears he simply won’t attend, or will and

10 states that receive the least Social Security

The average Social Security beneficiary received $1,657 in monthly benefits as of January 2022. However, many recipients received much more or much less. The length of time you wait until you file for Social Security, along with the amount you

Do you know your 'wasteman' from you 'gyaldem'?

Do you know your ‘wasteman’ from your ‘gyaldem’? Street slang will become the dominant dialect in Britain within 100 years, researchers say London’s inner-city slang could become UK’s dominant dialect within 100 years  The Multicultural London English dialect has spread

Summer tax tips

Smart tax planning happens all year round, not just the day before the tax deadline. Here are 4 things you can do this summer to put you in a much better position when tax time comes around again. 1. Revisit

Jan 6 panel says evidence it gathered enough to indict Trump

January 6 committee members claim they have enough evidence for the DOJ to begin investigating a criminal indictment for Trump Members of the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot appeared on various Sunday news programs ahead of their second

Who is Kara Swisher? | The Sun

KARA Swisher is making major career moves in 2022. From The New York Times back to Vox Media, Kara Swisher is shaking things up. Who is Kara Swisher? Swisher, 59, is a technology reporter that has worked at numerous news

Our town's been turned into a rat-infested tip by drug addicts – it's so bad our OWN mayor said to just 'nuke the place'

IT'S a bright, early summer's day in Aberavon, but in a children's play park, the only sound to be heard is a street cleaner sweeping away the vast mounds of dangerous rubbish. Most mornings, Paul Williams' refuse sacks are full