Police chief tweets from hospital bed while hooked up to oxygen mask

Birmingham Police Chief Superintendent tweets video from his hospital bed while hooked to oxygen mask in coronavirus unit and tells of being ‘breathless and dizzy’ on day his daughter celebrates her 15th birthday Chief Superintendent Phil Dolby had been sharing

Starving, sick and covered in bloody scabs and pus – how animal lovers are being tricked by horror ‘petfishing’ scams – The Sun

EYES puffy and scabbed over and his fur matted with pus, emaciated Cookie the kitten couldn’t have looked further from the cute and cuddly images in his online advert. Torn from his mother early, Cookie was just four weeks old

Covid-19's hit on the mob: Mafia revenue falls foul of the virus

Covid-19’s hit on the mob: Mafia revenue mainstays including construction, restaurant extortion and illegal gambling have all fallen foul of the virus, losing them millions of dollars Cancellation of sports fixtures has wiped out millions in illegal gambling income The

Coronavirus lockdowns give Europe’s cities cleaner air

Brussels: Air pollution has decreased in urban areas across Europe during lockdowns to combat the coronavirus, new satellite images showed on Monday, but campaigners warned city-dwellers were still more vulnerable to the epidemic. Cities including Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Milan and

Store worker reveals how abusive shoppers 'bombard' her shop

Convenience store worker reveals how abusive shoppers ‘bombard’ her shop as soon as lorry deliveries arrive to demand their essentials Employee, known as Michelle, has worked at Wolverhampton store for 19 years She described the past few weeks as ‘horrific,