Trump tells of his coronavirus worries saying he finds it ‘hard as a parent’ to talk about its deadly impact – The Sun

PRESIDENT Trump expressed his worries about the coronavirus pandemic, and said as a parent he finds it "very hard" to talk about the virus and its deadly impact. The father of five told Fox News' Sean Hannity that "as anybody

Moment drugged-up driver crashes after police chase

Dramatic moment drugged-up driver crashes after police chase in accident that left no one injured thanks to ‘pure luck’ Driver, 26, was high on cocaine and benzoylecgonine at 9:15am in the morning Police chased driver until he crashed but no one

China closes borders to prevent new coronavirus outbreak

The Chinese government is closing its borders to foreign nationals to prevent a resurgence of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, according to a report. The move signals an attempt by officials in China, the point of origin of the worldwide coronavirus

Who will dig for victory today?

Who will dig for victory today? Britain’s fruit and veg fields are filled with the produce we’ll need, but there is just one problem – there are FAR too few people to pick it this year… and farmers are in

Banks ditch plans to hike struggling business' interest rates

Just behave! Ministers warn High Street lenders not to exploit emergency scheme to help crisis-hit companies after it emerged they wanted to hike interest rate on loans Lloyds, Barclays and HSBC ditch clause that put business owners’ assets at risk

Amazon shuts US warehouse after 3 workers get coronavirus as employees say they were ‘NOT told when co-workers infected’ – The Sun

AMAZON employees say on multiple occasions they have not been told when co-workers have been infected with the coronavirus. At least one warehouse has shut down in Kentucky, and COVID-19 cases have been reported at other locations around the US.

Manchester Arena and Birmingham NEC could become field hospitals

Britain prepares for the worst: Manchester Arena and Birmingham NEC could become giant hospitals with morgues like London’s ExCel Centre as killer coronavirus grips nation Military planners working with NHS to create hospital at London ExCel to accommodate influx of