21 Savage Continues to Fire Back at Young Chop

Chop apparently keeps wilding on Instagram and they seem to be exchanging insults in DMs with the ‘A Lot’ rapper going on Instagram Live to put the drill producer on a blast.

AceShowbiz -The beef between 21 Savage and Young Chop is far from over. Chop first ignited the feud by dragging 21 and other famous hip-hop stars, including Meek Mill, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, prompting 21 to accuse him of being a “clout” chaser. However, that didn’t stop Chop from taunting the “Bank Account” rapper.

Chop kept wilding on Instagram and it appeared that the two were exchanging insults in DMs. 21 then went on Instagram Live to blast the drill producer, saying, “U think u tough cuz u from Chicago.”

“You think just ’cause you from Chicago, you just the toughest n***a in America. Like, that s**t — n***as down here don’t give a f**k,” the “A Lot” spitter continued ranting in his little IG Live party during his self-isolation. “It’s p***y n***as in every inch of the world. It’s p***y n***as in the most treacherous hoods. It’s n***as that’s h**s, at the end of the day.”

He added, “All that, ‘I’m from here. I’m from there,’ it don’t mean nothing. N***a ‘give a f**k where you from.”

Chop has been coming at a bunch of rappers lately. He famously claimed that he pissed off Meek for sleeping with his girlfriend. “On some real s**t @MeekMill mad cuz his b***h suck my d**k on my mother that’s why he mad at me,” so Chop tweeted. Chop didn’t name which of Meek’s girlfriends he was referring to, but he made it clear that “it wasn’t Nicki Minaj.” Chop also called him a “scary” rapper.

The Philadelphia-born star immediately responded to the diss, accusing Chop of having “some mental issues.” He added, “Y’all be gassing stuff so much y’all just gone ignore it! I been getting beats from him for years hope he get well.”

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