’90 Day Fiance’ Star Usman Exposes Lisa for Threatening Him After She Calls Him ‘Romance Scammer’

Hitting back at his estranged wife’s allegations that he used her to sell his music, the Nigerian rapper shares screenshots of messages Lisa sent to him after she detailed the reason of their split on Instagram Live.

AceShowbiz – “90 Day Fiance” couple Lisa and Usman’s split is getting nastier. After the former aired his alleged dirty laundry on Instagram Live, the latter clapped back at his estranged wife’s claims and came forward with his own allegations against her.

Usman took to his Instagram account to deny her claim that he’s a “romance scammer.” He wrote, “Despite calling ME a romance scammer and constantly using the ‘N’ word on me but I still made it to this level, not bcus I want to, but bcus I want to make you happy. Continue telling people I scammed you but believe me actions speak louder than words.” He went on accusing her of using her “child to gain pity.”

Usman also shared screenshots of his text messages with Lisa in which she wrote to him after exposing their marital woes on Instagram Live, “I am your wife. Contrary to the bulls**t lies coming out of your mouth. I’m not being mean to you. But I’m telling you the facts. Apparently you don’t know what I did last night my husband.” She was referencing her split announcement on IG Live.

Claiming that he had receipts of her supposed dirty secrets, Usman responded, “I had lots messages coming to me about you.” Lisa seemed to be unwavered as she replied, “I bet you do.” He told her again, “I even watched it but Lisa am ok. If am wrong I will see it.” This time, she responded by threatening him, “I warned you. You will see.”

Lisa shockingly announced in late May that she’s set to divorce Usman, telling her fans, “To everyone listening here, it is very apparent that I am the victim of romance scam. My husband has used TLC, his family, his friends, people around the world, I’m going to apologize to everyone here.” She added, “I did not know my husband Usman ‘Sojaboy’ was that desperate to become a singer that he would use me and his family and friends.”

It appeared that she decided to split from the 30-year-old rapper after he doubled down on his claim that he only agreed to marry the 52-year-old because she threatened to commit suicide if they broke up. Lisa denied this though, saying, “I’ve been the good Hausa Muslim wife here in the United States. I’ll be married a year [on] August 29, but after hearing the garbage coming out of SojaBoy’s mouth saying that I tried to hang myself and commit suicide? Big f**k up, SojaBoy. Big f**k up.”

Lisa’s rep Rocco later shared more details of their breakup, telling In Touch on Monday, June 1, “Lisa had enough of Usman with the disrespect and lies. Usman went Live [to] humiliate his wife, saying that she tried to poison herself if he didn’t marry her. Usman also stated that he was with Lisa because he feels bad. A lot of fans always questioned his [intentions], and he’s just proving them correct.”

While the rep would not comment on whether or not the couple will be getting legally divorced, Rocco clarified that “the heartbreak is real” for Lisa. He went on insisting that the split is not “for drama [or] entertainment” purpose.

Meanwhile, a source has come to Usman’s defense and denied Lisa’s claim that he “used” her for his musical career. “SojaBoy is not a scammer and I’m very sure [he] is living [a] better life [than] Lisa,” the so-called insider told In Touch.

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