Amy Hart says she’d ‘absolutely boss’ Love Island if she signed up now

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Amy Hart had a turbulent ride in the Love Island villa back in 2019, but the former British Airways stewardess admits she’s a better person for it.

After having her heart publicly broken by co-star Curtis Pritchard, Amy left sunny Majorca and embarked on an eight-month therapy journey, a decision she calls “life-changing”.

“My advice to this year’s contestants is to make friends with the psych early on, so when it all goes wrong she’s there for you,” she tells new when we catch up with her following our exclusive shoot at her new home in West Sussex.

The star, who describes herself as a “single pringle”, recently moved into the stunning three-bedroom abode and has since transformed it into her own sanctuary, complete with a pink dressing room and a walk-in wardrobe.

But although she loves her new pad, the 28-year-old hopes she’ll settle down and move into a family home one day.

After being told her fertility levels were low and that she is likely to go into early menopause due to her family history, Amy decided to have her eggs frozen to increase her chances of becoming a mum in the future.

Here, she talks to new about her new home and why she has no Love Island regrets, plus she bravely shares her heartbreak over her two failed attempts at egg freezing…

Congratulations on buying your first home, Amy!

Thank you. I’m really enjoying it. I thought I wouldn’t really like it because I’m a bit of a home girl and I’ve never not lived at home apart from when I was on Love Island, so I was a bit worried. But my friend Luke has my second bedroom so I’m not on my own. We love the look of it.

How would you describe your style?

I tried to go quite neutral but also glam. I have a big marble table with velvet chairs and a marble coffee table. Everything in the house is quite neutral coloured with lots of whites, silvers and blues, but for my dressing room I went a bit crazy and did it pink. It’s a walk-in-wardrobe slash dressing room and it’s huge, but I can’t even fit all my shoes in there as I have so much stuff. I’ve had to get another shoe cupboard in my bedroom, but somehow I still never have anything to wear!

A girl can never have too many shoes! What’s your favourite room?

I do really love my bedroom. I’ve got this beautiful huge bed from The Luxury Bed Company and it’s really decadent. Where I used to be cabin crew and from staying in lots of different hotels I’ve tried to make my bed like a hotel bed. I have this huge mattress topper on it, Egyptian cotton sheets, two firm pillows, two soft pillows, a huge duvet, bedspread and everything is white. What really sold me on the house was the stage in the garden. It’s actually just decking, but I call it my stage!

What’s the most extravagant purchase you’ve made?

It’s a piece of art, a Sophie Tea original. I’ve bought three of them. I think I’m going to have to mute her on Instagram, because every time I see a new one I want it. I keep telling myself that art always holds its value!

Absolutely! Now let’s talk Love Island. Are you excited about this series?

I’m a massive Love Island fan, so I can’t wait. Obviously, we had the winter series but I haven’t watched a proper summer series for ages. I think Laura Whitmore is amazing. She was the first person I met after the villa when I was at Majorca airport and she was so nice to me. I love doing live TV, but I know how hard it is, so the fact that she’s so amazing at it shows how good she is. I’m so jealous of her!

Who are you still in touch with from your series?

Amber [Gill], Anna [Vakili] and Yewande [Biala]. I occasionally speak to Molly-Mae [Hague], too. You make friends for life.

When was the last time you spoke to Curtis?

We worked together in February and that was nice. Everyone is so busy, but if I ever see him out I always have a chat with him.

Did you see his cameo in Hollyoaks?

I did, bless him. He’s trying out new things and we’re all just trying to diversify.

He and his brother AJ got a bit of backlash for their acting. What did you think about that?

There’s no such thing as bad publicity though, is there?! How often do clips from Hollyoaks get viewed by millions and millions of people?

That’s true! This year’s series sees the show’s first disabled contestant Hugo Hammond in the villa and there will reportedly be same-sex couples too. Is it good to see more representation on the show?

Yes, 100%. Obviously it should be a show for everyone and it is aspirational TV, but you can’t be what you can’t see, so for all the younger viewers watching it I think it’s amazing for them to see themselves reflected on TV. Loads of diversity in all forms would be amazing.

What would be your advice for this year’s contestants?

Just to have fun. Love comes in many forms and your friendships are the main thing. Also, make friends with the psych early on, so when it all goes wrong she’s there for you!

That’s good advice! You’ve said you’d like to do the show again now you’ve had therapy as you’re a better person…

Yeah, I just feel like I’m so much more confident in myself after therapy. I feel like I would absolutely boss Love Island now. I’d go in and be like, “If you like me, you like me, and if you don’t, cool!” Therapy really is the best.

What do you think of this year’s duty of care protocols?

I think they’re amazing. I can’t fault the aftercare I received and I think it’s great they’re being so transparent because everyone is so quick to berate them. With aftercare you get out what you put in. They can phone you every week, but if you don’t answer the phone they can’t help.

Do you still see the Love Island therapist?

No, but I did for eight months. Then they were like, “You’re ready to go out into the big wide world, off you go.” She was amazing. She completely changed my life. Therapy is life-changing.

Former Islander Siânnise Fudge said she misses her pre-fame life and she was mentally happier before. Is that something you can relate to?

I didn’t really have a standard life before! It was quite weird because I was travelling all over the world and I had to grow up really quickly as I was visiting lots of different cultures and you have to deal with some really hard stuff. It is hard when you make mistakes and the world is watching though, but had I not been on Love Island I wouldn’t have had all that therapy and I wouldn’t be in the place I am now because a lot of the therapy was about stuff before Love Island.

What sort of stuff did you discuss in therapy?

I learnt I’d gone through my whole life believing I was unlikeable, a failure, not good enough and ugly. I believed that from the age of about four and everything I’ve done in my life is because of that. I’m really scared of rejection, so then you put all these things together and add Love Island and it’s not OK. We discussed all of that and broke it down. I’ve come out of it feeling so much happier.

Does any part of you regret going on the show?

No, I’m really glad I did the show. I worked at British Airways and I probably would have got made redundant [because of the pandemic] if I’d stayed doing that. I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t fly so now I’m like, thank God. But I’m so glad I did anyway because I got so much out of it. You meet so many people and you can use your platform for good and work with so many charities – that makes it so worth it. It’s a life-changing experience. It was a rollercoaster for me, but it all worked out alright in the end.

Do you miss being an air stewardess?

So much! I’d love to just be put back on a plane for a day to see if I still know how to do it. I miss making people’s days, too. I can’t do that now. It’s really sad seeing what’s happening to the travel industry. All my friends are either cabin crew or work in theatre, and Covid has been awful for them. The theatre industry is starting to open up again but the travel industry needs to be thrown a life raft. Some people were flying for 25 years and then just woke up one day and it was gone. I struggled leaving after nine years of flying and that was my choice to leave.

You recently took part in Tinder’s Swipe Island. Do you use dating apps a lot?

When I use them back home, because I’m from a really small town it’s like someone I went to school with, someone I went to college with, a friend’s ex- boyfriend, another friend’s ex-husband, my cousin… When I go to London I always open up all the dating apps to see who’s about, but I haven’t been on any dates recently because it’s been hard with Covid.

Do you get a lot of famous people sliding into your DMs?

No! When you’ve got Eve and Jess Gale or Demi Sims to message, why would you message old Ames? I’m old now!

You’re a catch! Who would be your ideal match?

Someone kind and funny who I can be myself around. I’d like to settle down soon. I’ve got to that age where I’ve bought my first house and I feel quite settled.

You froze your eggs in March. Tell us about that process…

I had to do three rounds in the end because it wouldn’t work, but it was an alright time to do it because it was in lockdown so there’s only so much you can get stressed about when you’re sitting in bed watching Real Housewives. If it was real life I would have been more stressed. I had to give myself one injection a day for a week and then two injections a day for a week and then you get put under sedation for the retrieval. They stay frozen for 10 years.

Why did you want to do it?

There is early menopause in my family, including my mum, but I also wanted that little insurance policy because I definitely want to be a mum and I don’t want me not meeting the right person to stop me and my eggs are better quality now. Also with my AMH [anti-mullerian hormone] levels, which is how long you’re going to be fertile for, they said it wasn’t that long and was low and that fits in with my history.

Was it heartbreaking when the first two attempts didn’t work?

Yeah, it was really like, “OK, I’ve got all the way here and it hasn’t worked.” I went into a bit of a panic and thought, “Shall I just have a baby now? This obviously isn’t going to work so I’ll just do solo IVF now.” But my friend who has my godchildren was like, “Look, I love my kids but once they’re here they don’t go away, so leave it at least another year.” It was quite a fraught time, but I regrouped and thought, “Right, let’s do this again.”

How did you react when it was successful?

I don’t think I cried because I was off my face from the sedation, but it was really good. I only got five eggs, though, and you ideally need 16 for one baby. It could be from wine, but I still have a belly from doing the injections. Some people have told me it could take up to six months to go down, and I wonder, do I want to start all that again? You bloat as the injections get you to overproduce everything.

When do you think you will do the process again?

I’d have to do it in the winter, but I wouldn’t drink for three months beforehand and I’d be really good, just to try and get as many eggs as I can. I didn’t drink while I was on my medication – nor any fizzy drinks. I think for the best outcome you need to not drink before. You said you were trolled over your decision to freeze your eggs at age 28… A lot of the comments said I was too young, hadn’t even tried to have a baby yet and was trying to get attention. And from where I’d said I would do solo IVF people would say, “But don’t you think you’re denying a baby a father?” And I was like, “Well, my friends didn’t think that and they ended up without a dad with their babies!”

How do you deal with those comments?

I just ignore it. I will always argue the case if people in real life say something like, “Why would you have a baby on your own?” I met someone randomly and they said they didn’t agree with it. I was like, “I don’t even know you!”

Wow! When would be the ideal time for you to have kids?

In the next few years probably. I’d like to be a youngish mum. My mum was 22 when she had me, but whenever it happens, it happens and I know it will be the right time.

Last year you were rumoured to be doing I’m A Celebrity…

I’d love to. I’m a huge reality TV fan and that’s the kingpin. Do you remember when Helen Flanagan and Katie Price were voted to do all the trials? I think that would be me. I’m alright with spiders but I’d have issues with rats. I’d love to do Strictly and Dancing On Ice, too. I’d do anything as long as it’s fun, you learn a new skill or meet new people. If Big Brother came back I’d love to do that, too!

What’s coming up next for you?

I’m producing some theatre. I’m also doing pantomime in Portsmouth at Christmas. I’m playing Princess Jill in Jack And The Beanstalk. I’m loving hosting red carpets, so I’d love to do more of that, and get my podcast off the ground because I’d love to be a TV presenter one day.

Love Island starts on Monday 28 June on ITV2 at 9pm.

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