Anton du Beke left ‘mortified’ after being told he was the problem in dance partnership

Anton Du Beke says he would 'love' to dance with Alex Jones

Strictly Come Dancing professional Anton du Beke has reflected on advice he has lived by since his dance competition days. The father-of-two said he was told to “get better” by a former teacher after continuous complaints from dance competitions.

The dancer was asked which mantra he lives by, to which he spilled: “Two things really, something my mum has always said to me growing up and one something my old teacher used to say to me.

“He used to say, ‘Get better’.

“I used to come in for a lesson and he’d say, ‘How did it go at the weekend?’ after a competition somewhere.

“[I’d say] ‘Oh terrible’.

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“My partner and I… I used to go, ‘She was a nightmare’.

“[Or] ‘It was a terrible result I can’t understand why he beat me? I was so much better than they are. He beat us.’ I complained about everything.

“After a period of time he went, ‘Every week we come in for a lesson and every week you tell me it’s somebody else fault.

“‘You’ve never once told me it’s your fault,’ I said, ‘How very dare you’.”

Recalling his teacher’s response, he added: “‘Let me tell you something, she’s great, it’s you with the problem’.

“I was mortified!”

It’s unclear who Anton was referring to however the dancer’s long-term dance partner is former Strictly pro Erin Boag.

In the same chat on the Life and Soul podcast with Emma Forbes, Anton discussed his life as a dancer.

He added: “I can’t imagine doing anything else, I love it so much because get so much joy out of it.

“If I’m not doing it, I’m a nightmare, like horrific.

“This now, I’m out of Strictly Come Dancing and we’re in lockdown so I can’t do anything and I’m sitting around.

“My wife says,’Oh you’ve got to leave the house, go to the supermarket or something’.

“I do that with the children in mind, I want more than anything in the world to be on stage with my children.”

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